Monday, 28 April 2014

Facebook time! Yay!


 First week into the new transfer! It's pretty much the same. Except we all miss Elder Frenkel haha the new Elder, Elder Wells, is nice though so that's good haha.

This week one of our investigators moved to Regina! We are sad that we won't be teaching her anymore but she still wants to see missionaries and all, so we gave the Sister missionaries in Regina her info and they will get in contact with her! She is so nice. We will miss her a lot! We did a lot of service this week and a thrift shop and at an investigator's home. I love doing service! it's a blast! Oh and starting tomorrow Moose Jaw zone will have online proselyting! We get facebook! I am so excited!! i'll be making a new account and won't be able to talk to anyone unless its fulfilling my purpose as a missionary but i am allowed to have family and friends on it! So you all can check out my posts and re-post things! woohoo! i'm So excited!!

PS- everyone needs to go on and watch the "Because of Him" video! seriously! We watched it last week at our mission conference and wow. it's amazing. I get goosebumps every time.

I love being a missionary. It can be hard and draining and it is a lot of work. But there is absolutely no where else I'd rather be. I have been so blessed to be able to grow up in the gospel and have it in my life. It has helped me through everything. And now i get to share that with others and help them come closer to Christ and feel the blessings that come from making and keeping sacred covenants. I know this church is true and I know the importance and urgency of this work. I'm so thankful for everyone in my life and the support you all give me. I'm so happy and feel such peace. love you all so much!


Sister Heinzlmeir

 Making a yummy chicken dinner!

What they woke up to this morning!

The wonderful Howard family sent Jenna a care package and it included awesome bubbles.  They had just a little bit of fun with them!  ;)

 One of our investigators was a belly dancer in the 80's and has so many outfits and props!! we had fun trying it all on hahaha those swords are heavy!!! we may have been humming the pirates of the Caribbean song the whole time ahha

Monday, 21 April 2014

Mission Conference


WOW!! BEST WEEKEND EVER!!! So Friday we went to Regina and every single missionary in the mission was there!! It was a once in a mission-life event to have us all there! Since our boundaries are ridiculously huge! It was the best! I got to see Sister Brimhall and Sister Fihaki! It was the best! I missed them so much!! We only had two weeks in the MTC together but we just clicked so fast and it really left a lasting bond! It was great to see everyone!

Then, on Saturday, we all met again at the Regina stake centre and we got a special visit from Elder Christofferson!! He came in and we all stood up. Then we all got to shake his hand and say our name and where we are from! Then we sat and President and Sister Thomas bore their testimonies then we  heard from two other elders. One from the presidency of the seventy and the other.. I'm not exactly sure haha but it was great! They had great testimonies! It really set the tone and filled the room with the spirit. Then Elder Christofferson got up and it was amazing! We were all expecting a talk or something but he just asked us if we had questions and he would answer them! YEAH! I KNOW! We got a Q and A with an apostle!!

Right away I felt the spirit burn in my heart. I prayed a lot the night before the meeting to prepare myself and let the Lord know that whatever revelation i would get, i would do and follow the inspiration i receive. I sat there and knew that I had to ask a question. I didn't even know what I would ask. but i felt it. So I decided I'd ask about hope. How can we gain hope? I've been studying hope for weeks. It's my weakest Christlike attribute and I was getting really stuck in my studies. Not sure at all how to progress and strengthen that attribute. So I put up my hand and was going to ask my question. There's only 156 missionaries and the questions were slow to start so I was sure he would pick me. But he didn't at first. So I waited till I had another chance. Someone asked about charity and how to gain more love and charity for others. He talked about prayer and sincerely asking for it. I felt content with that and could relate it with hope. As I was writing notes all of a sudden my heart filled with the strong spirit again and all I heard Elder Christofferson say was "Without Faith in Christ.. you cannot gain hope." Wow! How amazing! he then explained it more deeply and it was exactly what i needed to hear. I need to strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ and the atonement to be able to gain hope. It was all so clear to me! My eyes filled with tears and my heart filled with so much joy. I had a question and the Lord knew it. I know the Spirit inspired Elder Christofferson and touched my heart. I'm so happy. It was amazing. The spirit was so strong. I am so blessed.

Also, last night we had a lesson with one of our investigators and it went so well! We taught the restoration and the spirit was so strong! We testified boldly and I know in my heart she could feel it. She is amazing. We have been doing lots of service for her and each time we teach, the spirit grows stronger and she listens more intently. Me and sister Fellows have seen a change in her. What a miracle to experience. I know she will know the truth of our message. I just hope and pray that she will follow her answer and follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized and keep following him to the end! I feel so blessed because I am seeing miracles. I saw her change. Her heart soften. I love this church so much. I am so so so happy and honored. The spirit is an amazing gift and can be so powerful. I love you all!


Sister Heinzlmeir

 Reunited with Sisters Fihaki and Brimhall!

 We sent her a package and her Dad inadvertently left the scissors in the box and THEN taped it up and mailed it.  So she got some new scissors!  lol
We drew a face on the nastiest pillow ever that we found in our closet. We may have stabbed it with a knife... sisters gone wild!! 

We went through Elder McRitchie's ties hahaha he has so many ugly ones. We categorized them. ugly. ok. and good. Can you guess which was which?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Spiritual experiences abound!

TRANSFER CALLS!!!! I'm staying in Moose Jaw with Sister Fellows! Everyone is staying too except Elder Frenkel is leaving to go to Winnipeg! Transfers are next week so we will get our new Elder then! I'm so happy to be staying! I love Moose Jaw! And I'm so so happy to be with Sister Fellows again! We have truly become great friends! She's so great!!

This week was full of miracles! We had a lesson with an investigator and asked if we could have a kneeling prayer to close the lesson. She declined because she has bad knees. So me and Sister Fellows knelt while she sat on the couch. But while we were praying, the spirit was so strong! And i peeked at her because I heard something and she got down and knelt with her. It was so simple but so powerful.

Another Miracle was with another investigator! We had a lesson with her last night and for training purposes, i had to lead the lesson. It was on prayer and the Holy Ghost. She truly loves God and has a lot of faith. But prayer has been a struggle. Whenever we invite her to say the prayer she says no. She has a lot of fear with being vulnerable and opening her heart like that. But this time i just knew she had to do it. She needed to. I felt it. So when we finished the lesson I asked her to close with a prayer. She said no. But we let the silence take over and let the spirit build. She started to cry. She was so scared. Part of me wanted to save her from the challenge and say the prayer. But I couldn't. I knew the lord needed her to do this. We sat on both sides of her and Sister Fellows held her hand. It took a while. But finally.. she did it. She prayed. She opened her heart. It was so amazing. I am so blessed and honoured to have this calling and be set apart for this great work. I saw something change in her that night. Sister Fellows did too. I am so happy for her. What an amazing woman she is!

I know I keep saying the members are the best here.. but it's just so true!! We had the Wolfs for dinner the other day and it was so much fun! They are so goofy and great! We sang frozen songs (Brother Wolfs played the piano and guitar for it haha) and one of their daughters played the violin for us! The music and spirit filled their home. It was so fun. Brother Wolfs later told us how grateful he is for the example we are on their children. He said he can only hope they turn out like us. We then made a few jokes because clearly we have our imperfections haha but wow. It really hit me again that night. I'm a missionary. I am a representative of Jesus Christ. I have always loved having the missionaries over for dinner and lessons and looked up to them so much. and now.. that's me! I get to be that example! Oh how blessed I truly am! I'm a missionary!! I love it!!

This week has been another great one! filled with fun, laughter, hard work, and many spiritual moments! Being a missionary is the best! Each day I learn so much and can feel myself change and grow! This Friday we have a missionary conference in Regina! Elder Christofferson is coming to speak to us! I'm SO excited! The ENTIRE mission is gathering for this conference!! That NEVER happens because our boundaries are so huge! I get to see Sister Fihaki and Brimhall!! I can't wait!! I love being a missionary!!!! I'm feeling very happy and very blessed! Love you all!!!


Sister Heinzlmeir

We have been meeting with a lot of less-actives and this lady is one of them! she was feeling down and stressed about a lot of things and was upset that her flowers weren't growing yet.. so we planted some fake flowers for her haha i hope she liked them!!! 

My first district!! 

we gave this to an investigator who is dealing with some struggles. i love quotes! we put it up in our apartment too!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Conference and Donuts

What a week! This was one of my best weeks in the field! We had exchanges this week with the Sister Training Leaders! I went with Sister Meservy! She's from southern Alberta! We got along really well and had some great lessons together! I was so nervous because she has never been to Moose Jaw before, so I was the one who had to know where we were going and where our appointments were!!! let's just say we may have gotten lost... a few times haha luckily Moose Jaw is small. Or i would have died hahahaha. It was great.

It was sister fellows birthday! She turned 21! It was SO much fun! The Elders came to our apartment and gave us doughnuts! (keeping the Heinzlmeir tradition.. which is now a Moose Jaw missionary tradition) and then we watched conference (Saturday) and then for lunch, the Elders made Pasta! which is Sister fellows favorite! It was SO yummy! They also got fake champagne glasses and sparkling apple juice! They put a fake engagement ring on sister fellows glass hahaha i died! it was so funny!!! She turned bright red haha oh those elders. they crack me up. Then we had dessert and watched the rest of conference! One of our investigators came to watch it with us! She loved it! I can't wait to meet with her and talk about what she learned! The day was just the best. surprises and cake and conference! how could it get any better?! It was amazing.

Conference was so great! wasn't it?! Wow it was wonderful!! We watched at the church. Sister Sherlock (member) gave us each a HUGE bag full of candy and our favorite treat!! She is so great! Sure kept us awake the whole time hahaha. My favorite talks were from President Uchtdorf and Elder Severson! Gratitude. What a simple concept but so challenging at times! I love how he said we waste so much life waiting to see the rainbow before we are thankful. Be thankful in the rain. It made me think of the Jaredites in Ether chapter 6! They had a huge journey that must have been so difficult! But they didn't wait to till they were at the promised land to praise God. They Praised God and were so thankful the entire trip! All the way! What an example that is! That is something i am going to work on. being thankful all the time. I also loved Elder Severson's analogy with life being a 4 minute performance at the Olympics. How true that is! We have this time on earth to work hard, follow the commandments, serve the Lord, and do all we can to prepare to live with our heavenly father again. Then we literally have eternity to look back at it. It's like my mission too. I have 18 months to serve and do all i can. then the rest of my life to look back at it. We have no time to get lazy and fall away! We only have a short amount of time compared to forever! There is so much to be done! I love this gospel so much and what a blessing it was to hear from the Prophet and his apostles! I have so much motivation and determination! We actually taught a less active Sunday night and it went with Elder Severson's talk so well! She is afraid to leave her house and doesn't trust people. so she stays home. She hasn't been to church in a long time. She said she has done all she can and now she wants to pass on and be done (she is very old). She doesn't know why God isn't taking her home when she is old and did all she could. I bluntly asked if she has done all she can do or all that she is comfortable doing? it made her think. (I really really didn't want to say it.. but i was prompted and so i gave it a try! it worked!) We talked a lot about her fears and now have a lot more guidance and direction to know how to help her!! Sister Fellows and I talked about it after. We both felt the spirit so strong during that lesson. We talked about the talk from Elder Severson. And how sad it would be to be in a race, a race you trained so hard for and worked so hard for, then to see the finish line, and right before finishing and passing the line, sitting down on the floor and stopping. This journey is long. and it's challenging. But there is ALWAYS more we can do! no matter how young or old! there is always more we can strive for! so when we do die and we are judged. We can look back at our lives and know that we did endure to the end. I love this Gospel and the truth we have. I'm blessed to be serving the Lord and trying my best to be the best i can be. I love you all so much!!!


Sister Heinzlmeir

Here is a link to the talks from General Conference.  Excellent and uplifting for all!

We went to a members house for FHE ! We were listening to "King Benjamin" speak on the tower
! (It was the dad at the top of the stairs hahaha)

Companionship selfie hahah oh Elders in the back. that's Elder Certian and Frenkel.

BAHA!!! Sister Fellows' engagement ring from the Elders. What goofs. Happy Birthday companion!

Candy for conference anyone?? ... BOOM!!