Monday, 21 April 2014

Mission Conference


WOW!! BEST WEEKEND EVER!!! So Friday we went to Regina and every single missionary in the mission was there!! It was a once in a mission-life event to have us all there! Since our boundaries are ridiculously huge! It was the best! I got to see Sister Brimhall and Sister Fihaki! It was the best! I missed them so much!! We only had two weeks in the MTC together but we just clicked so fast and it really left a lasting bond! It was great to see everyone!

Then, on Saturday, we all met again at the Regina stake centre and we got a special visit from Elder Christofferson!! He came in and we all stood up. Then we all got to shake his hand and say our name and where we are from! Then we sat and President and Sister Thomas bore their testimonies then we  heard from two other elders. One from the presidency of the seventy and the other.. I'm not exactly sure haha but it was great! They had great testimonies! It really set the tone and filled the room with the spirit. Then Elder Christofferson got up and it was amazing! We were all expecting a talk or something but he just asked us if we had questions and he would answer them! YEAH! I KNOW! We got a Q and A with an apostle!!

Right away I felt the spirit burn in my heart. I prayed a lot the night before the meeting to prepare myself and let the Lord know that whatever revelation i would get, i would do and follow the inspiration i receive. I sat there and knew that I had to ask a question. I didn't even know what I would ask. but i felt it. So I decided I'd ask about hope. How can we gain hope? I've been studying hope for weeks. It's my weakest Christlike attribute and I was getting really stuck in my studies. Not sure at all how to progress and strengthen that attribute. So I put up my hand and was going to ask my question. There's only 156 missionaries and the questions were slow to start so I was sure he would pick me. But he didn't at first. So I waited till I had another chance. Someone asked about charity and how to gain more love and charity for others. He talked about prayer and sincerely asking for it. I felt content with that and could relate it with hope. As I was writing notes all of a sudden my heart filled with the strong spirit again and all I heard Elder Christofferson say was "Without Faith in Christ.. you cannot gain hope." Wow! How amazing! he then explained it more deeply and it was exactly what i needed to hear. I need to strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ and the atonement to be able to gain hope. It was all so clear to me! My eyes filled with tears and my heart filled with so much joy. I had a question and the Lord knew it. I know the Spirit inspired Elder Christofferson and touched my heart. I'm so happy. It was amazing. The spirit was so strong. I am so blessed.

Also, last night we had a lesson with one of our investigators and it went so well! We taught the restoration and the spirit was so strong! We testified boldly and I know in my heart she could feel it. She is amazing. We have been doing lots of service for her and each time we teach, the spirit grows stronger and she listens more intently. Me and sister Fellows have seen a change in her. What a miracle to experience. I know she will know the truth of our message. I just hope and pray that she will follow her answer and follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized and keep following him to the end! I feel so blessed because I am seeing miracles. I saw her change. Her heart soften. I love this church so much. I am so so so happy and honored. The spirit is an amazing gift and can be so powerful. I love you all!


Sister Heinzlmeir

 Reunited with Sisters Fihaki and Brimhall!

 We sent her a package and her Dad inadvertently left the scissors in the box and THEN taped it up and mailed it.  So she got some new scissors!  lol
We drew a face on the nastiest pillow ever that we found in our closet. We may have stabbed it with a knife... sisters gone wild!! 

We went through Elder McRitchie's ties hahaha he has so many ugly ones. We categorized them. ugly. ok. and good. Can you guess which was which?

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