Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Happy reunions!

Hey Hey!

We had exchanges with the YSA Sisters this weeks and I went with..... SISTER BRIMHALL!!! Oh it was the best haha we had such a great time!! .. and learned a lot of course ;) haha. She is so great. It was so good to have her all to myself for a whole day! We were able to see a lot of people and even had two meal appointments! yum yum! haha.

My ward mission leader is the best! His name is brother D (D is short for drodowski or something) He is so funny. He always brings us something to eat for our meetings, like hot coco and doughnuts or mcdonalds! it's great! We had dinner at his house yesterday and it was so much fun. His wife is kind and gentle and he is so loud and rough haha it's the best combination. Such good people.

So in our mission we have a standard of getting 1 new investigator every week. We started this standard a few weeks ago and Sister McCrea and I haven't found our new investigator in two weeks! We have had sad zeros. So this week We really tried hard to find people and no luck all week! Then sunday night we went out to contact formers. (people who were taught in the past but then stopped meeting the missionaries for varies reasons). It was a colder night and we were pretty desperate to find someone! So we selected a couple from our former list and away we went! Nirmal and Devindar! We went to see them and they let us in! We shared the video "because of him" and talked about Christ and how they come closer to him. They said they wanted us to come back! YAY! not one new investigator but two!! We were pretty excited!! It was so good. Just testified to me that prayer works and also.. we need patience haha. God will never fail us as we do all that we can. Sometimes he just tests our patience then we see the results at the very end. It was great. They are a very kind couple and I can't wait to go back and see them!!

There are so many cultures in Winnipeg! It is a lot of fun! We seriously have taught people from all over the world! I'm getting pretty good at understanding accents haha! I enjoy serving in my home country but also get have the foreign experience with all the different types of people here! It's great.

OH! and I took my SAT this week! It was brutal haha mainly because it was 5 hours long! oh my goodness! But I feel good about it. It was pretty easy! Just long. And I'm a little rusty with my math skills haha. Poor sister McCrea was so bored out of her mind haha but at least its done and over with now!! almost done this transfer! this coming Saturday we get transfer calls!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

the burning of a skirt and pants for their 18 month mark


And of course, I wrote my SAT so now I can burn it too!


p-day fun-day with the YSA sisters! going to play dodge-ball with our zone!!

27- happy birthday Elder Merrell! (he was in my mtc district and now my Dalhousie district! )

we made him a beautiful cake haha

native children we teach. melt my heart haha

little cutie

do you wanna build a snowman?

Sister McCrea and Elder Certain! 18 month mark for these two! crazy!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Fancy shmancy!

Hey everyone!!

This week was pretty good! We went on exchanges with The Waverly Ward sisters and it was super great! I love being a sister training leader! I went to their area and went with sister Larson. We met with a few people and it was really great! We saw this one lady who told us this amazing experience she had about prayer! It was when she was a teenager, her sister had this rare disease (1 out of 11 in the world who have it!) and she explained how one day her sister went on a girls camp and all of a sudden she fainted and went white. Luckily one of the leaders on the trip was a doctor and they went straight to the hospital! The doctors said this was the end of what was a long journey for the girl and she had about 24 hours to live. The word spread everyone was praying for her. Then, out of nowhere she woke up and started to heal miraculously! she is still alive today, living in Australia with her husband and kid! AMAZING! Prayer! Who know? haha. It is amazing being able to hear so many different experiences people have. I get reminded time and time again how powerful prayer is and how merciful our Father in Heaven is. It warms my heart so much.

So something I thought was pretty funny was a dinner appointment we had this week. Our whole district went to this members house and it was so funny haha. The member is super proper and fancy so she had out her beautiful china and the table was set for kings and queens! seriously! It was stunning! So we sit down and didn't really even know how to start eating because there were so many forks and spoons and plates and a fancy charger plate thing on the bottom and it was confusing! You could tell we had no clue about proper etiquette because we all glanced at each other awkwardly not knowing what to do. so we followed her lead haha. first the salad. small fork. then the main course, big fork. It was hysterical. People clinking everything and making so much noise and looking like deer in head lights hahaha she made fun of us and how terrible we were. She taught us how to use our utensils properly. I failed haha too hard. It was funny. And very tasty!!!

We also had a ward fireside in which I spoke and it went really well! The spirit was very strong. I learned a lot! We talked a lot about trials and triumphs. It was really great. It was called "the cup, and the throne." Talking about Jesus Christ and how he suffered everything for us and how perfect He is. He is our example and our savior. We have the chance to have a throne just like him. But we also have to go through our fair share of trials. We talked about Joseph Smith and everything he went through. It broke my heart. I have so much love and appreciation for that man. Being beat, tarred, feathered, and mocked, he still preached the gospel and did what the Lord asked him too. What a courageous and inspiring person. I love being a missionary. Often I can relate on a small scale what it's like to be mocked and persecuted. Whether from strangers or family. It happens. Missions aren't easy. No one ever said they were. But the blessings are far worth anything we go through. I love standing as a witness of Jesus Christ and preaching the gospel! I love being able to literally see Christ's name on my heart. I have never felt so much happiness and joy and excitement in my life then on my mission. The miracles I get to see and experience everyday are incredible. It is an honor to be here. I just love it!

I love you all so much!

Sister Heinzlmeir

need help cleaning? ask the sister missionaries! we got your back!

is there an nurse in the house? no but there is sister Heinzlmeir in scrubs! that counts right? hahaha it's insulin. Elder Leishman (from Calgary actually) has diabetes. I stab him sometimes for fun hahaha 

fancy dinner!!!! yum yum in my tum!

but really though... that was a good find hahahah


Friday, 16 January 2015

Busy life of a Sister Training Leader!

This week was very busy!

We had Zone Training Meeting which was great! Sister McCrea and I did a portion on faith as we revealed our new mission goal of 144 baptisms! It went really well I think! I definitely felt the spirit! We also went to Brandon for exchanges! I went with sister Simpson and Sister McCrea went with sister Allen. Sister Simpson just came into the mission field about three weeks ago so it was so cute to see her experience all the new things! It was fun. Brandon is about 2 and a half hours outside of Winnipeg so it was fun to have a little road trip! It is a very Spanish community and we actually have Spanish elders out there! We met up with them for dinner at a members and it was so fun. They taught me some Spanish and I taught them some French! it was so funny. We also went and visited one of their investigators who was in the hospital. We brought a card and flowers. She really appreciated it! I like going to hospitals as a missionary. Because we get to go even when visiting hours are closed!! Just flash that ministerial certificate and we are good to go! Makes me feel like an undercover agent or something haha it's the best. But sad because the lady was in the hospital. She has some broken ribs. OUCH!!!

As much fun as Brandon was, It always feels good to be back home in my area. We have an investigator named Cortney and she is the cutest thing ever. She is 15 and requested to see missionaries on Mormon.org after following a Mormon families video blog and has been so solid. She wants to be baptized to bad but her mom wants her to wait till April. She is a strong girl. She made us these cards and it melted my heart haha she is so sweet! I really hope I am still here for her baptism.

I'm really loving Dalhousie. It is the mission joke that Dalhousie is the celestial ward and every missionary wants to serve here haha I understand that joke now!!! Our members are really great and do a lot of missionary work! They also feed us a lot and lets be real.. That is the best way to serve us hahaha It's been great. The young women are so amazing! We take them out to lessons all the time! They are so strong and powerful!! Love them!!

I hope everyone is doing well and excited about the new year! I sure am!! I love you all so so much!!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

Road trip to Brandon!

nice view... just kidding it's Manitoba haha there is no view. just snow hahaha

Brandon sisters!

selfie time! I love exchanges!

the De Guzman girls <3

Winnipeg life.


Friday, 9 January 2015

Happy New Year!

What a week!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I am proud to say I finished the book of Mormon in a week! WOW! what an amazing experience! It was so interesting to really see the difference in how each prophet speaks and how the stories flow and truly come to life! I have definitely strengthened my testimony on the book of Mormon! It is so true and so perfect! My favorite part was seeing all the history! I learned so much! ugh I love it hahaha.

This week was also MLC (missionary Leadership Council). So a bunch of us missionaries get together with President and get trained and talk about what needs to improve in the mission and with our stewardship. We all came together in Winnipeg (which means a saw sister smith! and she got to sleepover at our place!) and we mainly talked about 2014 and the goals we had and made new goals for 2015!!! It was so much fun!! We made our baptism goal for 2015 which is 144! We broke it down and we have to get 18 baptisms per transfer! We got 120 baptisms last year so its not a big jump but it's still a stretch. also considering the fact that next year we will be dropping from 150 missionaries to 120. I know we can make our goal! If we all have faith and do our best it will happen! I'm so excited!!! YAY!!!

Another exciting thing that happened this week was our media referral! A media referral is when someone goes on Mormon.org and requests to see missionaries or wants some free supplies (bible or book of Mormon) and then a text gets sent out to the missionaries in the area and deliver whatever it is they want!! Such an easy way to find people to teach!! But I haven't gotten one my whole mission! So many missionaries tell fun stories about getting 6 media referrals in a week and I haven't had one my whole mission! So me and sister McCrea decided to pray to get one! and low and behold, during MLC when we had a break, I looked at our phone and TA-DAH!! MEDIA REFERRAL!! We went over there the next day and delivered the Bible she wanted and told her who we were and asked if we could come in and teach her about the book of Mormon. She said yes and there it was! It was fun. I love finding new people to teach. Teaching is by far one of the best things about being a missionary. I love being able to witness the power of the Holy Ghost and see it touch peoples hearts and see how it works through me. It's amazing.

oh ps.... I got bed bugs. GROSS!!!!!!!! haha but no worries!! We cleaned our whole apartment, slept in the living room for a few nights and I got some nice cream for my giant itchy bites on my arm and neck!! #dayinthelife I told sister smith she better be careful because she is next haha Sister Brimhall got lice.. I got bed bugs. what's next? hahahaha ew!

I love you all so much! Hope you have a great week!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

what happens when you get bad bugs?.. you camp out hahaha. (don't worry that is her mattress.. mine is in the process of being decontaminated) ahha

new years eve!! MUNCHIES TILL 10:30 !! hahaha #missionarylife

me and my best mission brother Elder Certain!

new years day breaky! SO YUMMY!!!! mmmmmm :) happy sister missionary

LOOK!!!!! I GOT A DREAD!!!!! my hair curler machine wigged out and twisted my hair so tight then it was stuck! my hair started burning so I unplugged it and couldn't get my hair out! so I ran to Sister McCrea so then sent 10 minutes pulling on it haha then it finally came out and there it was! a beautiful dread lock! I was tempted to keep it but that day we had MLC haha I don't think president would like it. so we spent another 20 minutes combing it out hahahahah oh my