Friday, 9 January 2015

Happy New Year!

What a week!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I am proud to say I finished the book of Mormon in a week! WOW! what an amazing experience! It was so interesting to really see the difference in how each prophet speaks and how the stories flow and truly come to life! I have definitely strengthened my testimony on the book of Mormon! It is so true and so perfect! My favorite part was seeing all the history! I learned so much! ugh I love it hahaha.

This week was also MLC (missionary Leadership Council). So a bunch of us missionaries get together with President and get trained and talk about what needs to improve in the mission and with our stewardship. We all came together in Winnipeg (which means a saw sister smith! and she got to sleepover at our place!) and we mainly talked about 2014 and the goals we had and made new goals for 2015!!! It was so much fun!! We made our baptism goal for 2015 which is 144! We broke it down and we have to get 18 baptisms per transfer! We got 120 baptisms last year so its not a big jump but it's still a stretch. also considering the fact that next year we will be dropping from 150 missionaries to 120. I know we can make our goal! If we all have faith and do our best it will happen! I'm so excited!!! YAY!!!

Another exciting thing that happened this week was our media referral! A media referral is when someone goes on and requests to see missionaries or wants some free supplies (bible or book of Mormon) and then a text gets sent out to the missionaries in the area and deliver whatever it is they want!! Such an easy way to find people to teach!! But I haven't gotten one my whole mission! So many missionaries tell fun stories about getting 6 media referrals in a week and I haven't had one my whole mission! So me and sister McCrea decided to pray to get one! and low and behold, during MLC when we had a break, I looked at our phone and TA-DAH!! MEDIA REFERRAL!! We went over there the next day and delivered the Bible she wanted and told her who we were and asked if we could come in and teach her about the book of Mormon. She said yes and there it was! It was fun. I love finding new people to teach. Teaching is by far one of the best things about being a missionary. I love being able to witness the power of the Holy Ghost and see it touch peoples hearts and see how it works through me. It's amazing.

oh ps.... I got bed bugs. GROSS!!!!!!!! haha but no worries!! We cleaned our whole apartment, slept in the living room for a few nights and I got some nice cream for my giant itchy bites on my arm and neck!! #dayinthelife I told sister smith she better be careful because she is next haha Sister Brimhall got lice.. I got bed bugs. what's next? hahahaha ew!

I love you all so much! Hope you have a great week!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

what happens when you get bad bugs?.. you camp out hahaha. (don't worry that is her mattress.. mine is in the process of being decontaminated) ahha

new years eve!! MUNCHIES TILL 10:30 !! hahaha #missionarylife

me and my best mission brother Elder Certain!

new years day breaky! SO YUMMY!!!! mmmmmm :) happy sister missionary

LOOK!!!!! I GOT A DREAD!!!!! my hair curler machine wigged out and twisted my hair so tight then it was stuck! my hair started burning so I unplugged it and couldn't get my hair out! so I ran to Sister McCrea so then sent 10 minutes pulling on it haha then it finally came out and there it was! a beautiful dread lock! I was tempted to keep it but that day we had MLC haha I don't think president would like it. so we spent another 20 minutes combing it out hahahahah oh my

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