Monday, 24 August 2015

A week packed with lots of adventures! that is for sure! This week was great! We had exchanges down in moose jaw and that is always fun because I get to see all the people I love! We did some service which is always good and then had to head back up to Saskatoon for specialized training! Which is just a big meeting where we all learn lots haha. It was so long but really wonderful. We were trained on a few things but my favorite was the part on extending commitments. Its actually one of my favorite parts of teaching too. When we extend commitments for people to do things and act on faith, we invite them to repent and come unto Chris, which is our whole purpose! So I love it. Following-up, however, I'm not the best at haha so sister Sherksnas and I are working on doing better at that. 

This week we focused a lot on finding. I have been looking back on my mission a lot this week and reflecting on my experiences but as I have pondered I have felt a strong feeling that I am not done the work I have been called to do. But it was more then just making sure I work hard till the end. It was more specific. There was someone I still needed to find. So we have been working hard to find that person!! And the most amazing thing ever happened. We got to church on sunday at one of our wards and there were two members visiting with their friend. Turns out this lady has gone to church with her friends a few times and love sit. she has been searching for a church to go to and told me she thinks this is the one. ... WHAT?!??!!?!? like um.. ok? when can you be baptized? haha I am beyond excited. I love being a missionary. There is no better work then the Lords work. 

Sister Heinzlmeir

exchanges in Regina! Sister Harris

exchange selfie

exchanges in Regina round 2! with sister Tilby!!!

so an elder knew that both our families eat pizza on Friday every week so they bought us some !!!! it was the best surprise ever! #pizzafriday

the fowlers <3

mine :)

there is a cute bridge here in stoon and underneath you write what you want to do before you die and it was fun!!!!

my companion is the best!!! she made me French toast for my 18 month mark!!!! #ididit #18months

making apple sauce with Brynn!!!

off to moose jaw!

gardening at its best

Monday, 17 August 2015

Hey everyone!! 

This week was insane!! We went to Regina for exchanges with to sets of sisters. It was really great! I went with sister Harris then with sister Tilby the next day. When sister Tilby and I were together, we went to go to a lady's house but her neighbor was outside smoking and said that she left and wasnt home. We walked over and started to talk to her. She said she was having bible study right now and invited us in. ..when do we ever say no? haha so we go in and sitting at her table was a jehova's witness!! I laughed so hard inside. I have seen a few on my mission but they stay clear away from us. They don't really like us. But we sat down at the table and chatted. She was very friendly to us so that was good. We talked about God and a scripture came to my head and so I asked if I could share it. We read it and talked about it and then we asked if we could pray before we had  to go. the Lady was so excited and loved hearing what we had to say! We made sure we were vague and broad though because we didn't want to offend the JW or start anything. But it was so funny!! I loved it hahah. The sisters will for sure be going back. 

Going to 3 wards every sunday is starting to catch up with us. we are both pretty dead. But don't worry, p-day nap is in the schedule for the day!! haha . 

I love serving the Lord. I am so happy everyday I get to get up and see the miracles he blesses us with. Sister Sherksnas is so great too!! I have a lot to be thankful for. I love being a missionary. We watched the video " a testimony of the book of mormon by elder holland" with one of our investigators and it was amazing. The spirit was so strong! And it's so true! I know with all my heart that the book of mormon is true. I am so happy I know about it and can read from it everyday to gain peace, comfort, and guidance. And I get to share it with others!! Its truly amazing.

I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Heinzlmeir

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

This is a week out of order...but here it is!

Hello everyone!!!

well.. this week was an adventure hahaha. I have a new appreciation for walking missionaries. This week was the end of the month. With mission cars we have an allotment of how many k's we can drive for the month. we didn't have a lot of kilometers this month so we ran out and were left with our feet to get us to our lessons. it was crazy!! we cover all of saskatoon and literally walked the whole city! 6 hours straight! over 25 k's! Man it hurt so bad!!! the last stretch we were laughing so hard. probably to stop us from crying hahahah. it was long. but we had some great miracles the Lord blessed us with as we tried to show our obedience in walking and not going over our k allotment!! We met a girl who was sitting on a bench and he was visiting from Australia! she also has read the whole book of mormon!!! we had a great conversation!!!! then we kept trucking a long and we past this house (in the dangerous zone of stoon) and there was a nice man. after we got to our lesson and they weren't home, sister Sherksnas suggested we go back  to that one house with the nice man. sure! why not! so we went and I was a little nervous since there were people across t he street yelling and swearing. But I trusted my companion and we knocked. No one was home but then a car drove up and parked. A lady looked at us very confused. We asked her is it was her house and she said yes with much hesitation. We told her our purpose and she jumped for joy! she exclaimed that that is exactly what she needs! she needed Jesus! so we followed her to the backyard and began to teach. She is amazing. She is struggling with hard addictions and suffers from many diseases. She was so humble and meek, She knew she had to change and was so willing to do it. We told her about baptism and how she can start over and be clean from all sin. She cried and was filled with joy and said how a warmed feeling filled her body. that is the spirit. How beautiful? In a place where there is crime and sin, there are those who are still searching for safety and refuge. I am so thankful we get to teach this lady and help her. We get to show her the way to a new life. that is what the gospel does. Brings joy and a fresh start. It's hard to get people who have everything they could ever need or want see how they need the joy the gospel brings. The gospel is for everyone. The sick, poor, afflicted, rich, handsome, comfortable, happy, sad. We are all God's children and all need the saving ordinances from the gospel and to use the atonement of jesus Christ. I love being a missionary. It fills me with so much joy seeing people understand the amazing gift we have on the earth. 

also.. i have either tendenosis or a stress fracter?  it started last monday and the treck we took didnt help haha im not a cripple missionary on crutches and not allowed to use my foot. maybe people will open the door more to us now? who would say no too a poor tiny tim? 

Love you all so much! have a great week!

Sister heinzlmeir 

Tendonitis it is!

after 6 hours of walking!

my sunburn from our walking adventures

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

I feel like every week that goes by, the less I remember of what even happened hahaha. But ill try my best!!

We went to Prince Albert this week to go on exchanges with sister Reyes and sister Veylupek. I always love going to see the sisters. We had lots of fun. At the end of the exchange we met up at the church and it was poring!! it was getting late, we were about to drive back home but sister Veylupek and Reyes were still talking and finishing up the exchange. so sister reyes and i turn the music in our car up a little, opened the car door so we could hear it outside and danced! hahah. it was fun. don't worry, no one was around to witness. PA is a small little town. We just did a little slow dance haha it was probably the best part of my week. 

I upgraded from crutches to just a boot!! And I still hate it haha. It is not fun. I got a xray and no sign of a stress fracture so its looking more like tendenosis apparently. Not fun. But the assistants did give us more k's so thats always good haha.

Things have been a little crazy. I don't think i could ever get used to being in 3 wards. it's nuts!! But we are doing what we can!!! We had a fun picnic with the meadow green ward on saturday. oh and we set a baptismal date for the 29th with a 13 year old girl we just started teaching!!! prayers for her would be great!!!! I love you all so much and am thankful everyday for the love and support. Hope you all have a great week and enjoy the sun like we have been!!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

my companion is better then yours hahah #yogateacher #skills

waiting patiently to prank the elders hahah.. we think we are funny

The Godhead!!! all in unity and working together!! #donttrythisathome 

PA elders :) 

driving back to stoon!! wet, cold, and happy! #icecream 

Dancing in the rain!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

This week was a crazy one. but really when is it not? haha we got transfer calls!! my last one! how weird is that? I have one transfer left. That is crazy. And my new companion will be... SISTER SHERKSNAS!!!!! I am literally so excited. I went on exchanges with her in PA. She is amazing! Oh I can't wait. It's going to be a blast!!! AH!!! I love her hahaha. Sister Hiatt goes home this week! so sad!! she has served an amazing mission though.

I am honestly trying to think of what we did but its so hard hahaha we taught so much and worked hard. We have a big teaching pool here so that is great. Oh! i know! we found a new investigator and we went over and helped her pick cherries from her trees! SO MANY!! haha it was fun though. then she taught us how to make dumplings! they were delicious!!! then she made us a soup and it was kinda weird but we ate it. and while we were eating it she told us it was pork chunks in it. but they looked so weird and wrinkly. But i ignored it and just ate but then sister Allen made the giant mistake of asking her what it was again. then she said it was pork.. stomach! EW!!!!!! i honestly almost threw up right when she said that! and i still had like 6 of them in my bowl!!!! it was a challenge haha but we did it!!!! 

We also had zone conference and that was fun. Sister Allen and I had a portion on obedience. I feel like it went well. We also taught in Relief society at church. It was on marriage and families. haha yes. two single missionaries teaching married ladies about marriage and kids hahahha. it was good though! 

I love you all so much! have a great week!

Sister Heinzlmeir

Saskatchewan skies!

Wow I am so happy. This week has been absolutely amazing. Mainly because i got to go through the temple with Kate and Jared Gross!! AH!!! Everyone there where all from Winnipeg or moose jaw! All the people I love in one room! Me and kate hugged for a solid ten minutes haha. I have missed that family. It was amazing. A member, who i love, drove us down and back up to Saskatoon. So much fun! she is preparing to go on a mission! It was the best night ever. But after the temple and pictures of course.. it was a little past curfew haha so we hurried to the Regina sisters apartment and well.. they were obedient and asleep with the lights of and the door locked. so they got a nice wake up from the door bell. and we rushed them back to bed as we slept on the couches. So ill fill you in on something that has been with me my whole mission. When I first came out on my mission I had a few hard times with missing my brother Mac. It had been only a few months after he passed away. But God has given me a special connection with him. whenever I missed him or anything, all of a sudden the song "the river flows in you" would play. That song is what Lewis played on the piano at Mac's funeral. It would play in someones car or someone would be in the church playing it on the piano or at a members house for dinner. It happens all the time. And it is my sign from Mac that he is with me. He has been with me my whole mission. Any way, we were driving back from the temple. I was so happy and filled with the spirit and with great joy then all of a sudden the song came on in the members car! Wow. it took my breath away. I am so blessed. I know that God watches over us and is so happy when we are happy and I know that Mac was able to be with me as i experienced one of the greatest moments of my life. It was beyond amazing.

Things have been really great up here. I love my companion so much. She is incredible. I truly am so blessed! I know this next week will be a great one. How can it not be when you are on the errand of the Lord? We learn and grow every day and see others do the same. I hope everyone has a great week as well! 

Sister Heinzlmeir 

Regina here we come!

the temple with Kate and Jared Gross!!