Monday, 28 July 2014

Days, weeks, short, long, long short...and baptisms!

I can't believe it's Monday again! Days feels like weeks and weeks feel like days! A lot happened this week! Our week started off with exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders! It's always so much fun to have them over and we get to learn so much! I went with Sister Bennett for most of the day. I was nervous at first.. mainly because Sister Smith is the driver and knew the area when me and Sister Brimhall arrived.. needless to say I'm not the best with directions and I don't exactly know my way around our area... hahah so Sister Brimhall made me mini maps on sticky notes and off me and Sister Bennett went!! (she is from Edmonton actually!) We all had dinner at a members that night. Oh I love her. Sister Babiuck. She is a single old lady who melts my heart. She makes everything homemade and it's sooo good! But she makes enough to feed an army! And loves to make us keep filling our plates haha we have to always remember to where our stretchy clothes when we go over there! Then she gives us all the leftovers to take home! YES!!! Well fed missionaries are happy missionaries.

Another exciting event this week was setting a baptismal date with our family we are teaching! It's a family of 6 and 5 of them are ready for baptism! The youngest is 7 so she has another year till she can. It was the best!! For weeks we have been trying to set a date with them but every time we would try, they were sick or something came up! It was the worst! But FINALLY we met and right when we walked in and sat down I felt the spirit and I knew. I knew it was going to happen that day. and it did! YAY!!! every time we see them we see a change and it's truly amazing. We can't wait for them to be baptized!! Oh I love that family. I remember when we first met them and started teaching them! That was only a month ago! And now they are all getting baptized! AH! It's amazing. They pray and read scriptures together every night. It melts my heart. They are the best haha.

I love being a missionary. Some days feel long but oh my goodness it is the best thing I've ever experienced. The time goes by too fast haha.Oh also, we sang at another fireside! I'm so over singing hahaha we sing at everything!!! But it was good. I love you all so much!

Sister Heinzlmeir

(She also had an investigator in Moose Jaw who is now getting baptized as well!)

Sister Training Leaders

Some of the Young Women they went out with for Sushi

 Ribs with bibs!

A little Sparkling Grape Juice after a lesson with the French family...the little guy teases Jenna about her rusty French sometimes!  But she's okay with that because she knows she's rusty. ;)

Monday, 21 July 2014

Dishes, fruit flies and a baptism!

Hey everyone! This week was a busy one! We were so blessed! We were able to find two more families to teach. A Muslim family and an African family! It is so exciting to be able to teach so many different types of people!  I was even able to use my French with the African family! It was so great! Although i'm a little rusty haha the oldest son wasn't shy about letting me know that hahah time to practice! I got a French Book of Mormon that I have been reading! It's amazing! Oh and we are trying to learn Spanish! We contact many people who speak spanish so we decided ..hey! why not learn it?! haha We almost have the first vision memorized! It's so fun!

The busier we get.. the more our apartment gets nasty dirty haha that is our goal this week. To keep the apartment CLEAN! Which is hard haha we just get too excited about our plans that we forget to clean up after we eat and dishes... oh I do not like dishes haha but we are working on it! I have to put all those things my momma taught me into action! haha. But along with a messy kitchen.. comes a BILLION fruit flies!!!! Oh my goodnes we moved a dish that was in the sink and well.. a giant cloud of mini devils flew up. gross.But no worries!! It's P-day! So we clean up and one of our investigators gave us some apple cider vinegar haha it's on!!!

I think the most exciting thing that happened this week was... the baptism!!! Our investigator Kate got baptized!! Although I didn't do too much to contribute to it haha she already had her date set and was solid when I came into the area. It was more of a tender mercy that I was able to be here to witness it! Her husband left the church for years then came back and slowly the kids got baptized and she was the last one. She had many questions and concerns but she came such a long way. She is amazing. The baptism was at their family farm. All her in-laws are members so you better believe it was HUGE! Her husband baptized her in the pond, her children sang, the sun set, so much good food! It was incredible. I am so blessed to have experienced that. Kate is truly amazing. She glows. She is so strong and kind. We are so happy that we can finally take her to lessons with us hahaha she is the best! oh i love her so much!!! It was beautiful. Her sister-in-law came up to us (all the sister who have taught kate) and thanked us for going on missions. She said if nothing else happens.. this moment would be enough. We helped bring a family together who in a year, can be sealed for eternity. Wow. This is why we go on missions. We go so we can be tools in the Lords hands and witness these miracles. Im so happy. I love you all so much!

Sister Heinzlmeir

Sometimes this happens...


 Navy (Kate's son) doing my hair! he said he wanted to make me look like princess Elsa .. did it work?
Smoothies in the morning!

My best friend loves me :) she sends me and my companions treats!! (Shannon <3)

Navy! Kate's youngest son. He came up to me and said "hey! Sister Heinzlmurr.. i'm a moose!!!!!!" hahahah oh i love him!!! 

 Kate is the best at throwing parties!! so much goodness on one table! 
And this is where she was baptized.  So beautiful!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Setting the Standard!

Hey everyone!

Things have been really great for me, sister Brimhall and sister Smith! We were able to teach a lot this past week! It's the best! We have been meeting a bunch of new people! Super exciting! We play soccer with our whole zone a couple mornings per week at 5:30am. So on days when we don't have it, we get to sleep in! till 6:30! hahaha I thought I wouldn't get used to getting up so early but I definitely have gotten used to it! Which is good haha!

This weekend we actually had a ward talent show. It was a blast! And of course we signed up! We wrote new lyrics to "Hallelujah" and made it a missionary song and Sister Brimhall played the guitar and everything. It turned our really good! Considering we wrote it that morning hahaha. Our ward mission leader wants to film us and put it on YouTube hahaha so look out! The sislets (sister triplets.. nick name from our ward haha) coming your way!!

We have been doing service at the Boys and Girls club here in Winnipeg every Thursday for the whole summer and it has been fun! We get to play with the kids and do fun things. But It scared me a little! I didn't realize how the generations really are getting worse and worse! Some kids said some really terrible things to their friends when we passed by and oh my! It's crazy!

Something we have been noticing a lot in missionary work is how important obedience really is. We strive to be exactly obedient and we are then able to witness amazing miracles! The family we are teaching is definitely a miracle I often think of. They are so prepared! It's amazing! We have the privilege of teaching them almost everyday. They are the best. I love them! Also, we have a baptism coming up this week! She is the best! She has been an investigator for a while and has been solid since way before we continued her teaching haha I love her and her family so much. It'll be a beautiful day!!

That is about all! I can't really remember what happened this week haha some weeks go by too fast! I don't even know what we did! hahaha. Oh! We got a brand new car! that was nice hahahah. President likes to spoil us hahaha. Well, here goes another great week!! I love you all!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

Monday, 7 July 2014

Changing our nature

I can't believe another transfer is gone! The good news is.. the tripan is staying together! Oh we are so happy haha When the assistance called it was so funny. They dragged it out a bit but finally told us we were all staying and we literally screamed and may have cried a bit hahahah needless to say we are excited to stay together for another 6 weeks!

So we had ZTM this week (once a transfer we have zone training meeting) and it was so good! We talked a lot about obedience and families! Our whole mission has really been putting a focus on the family and wow! the miracles we have seen! It's amazing. We pray for families and bring up how the gospel blesses families to people we meet and suddenly we have three families to teach! what?! Safe to say when we pray and ask God for something, then work for it, we get it!!!! crazy isn't it? hahaha why didn't we think of this before?! haha. So we have been super blessed and have been teaching a lot!! Our main investigator family has been doing so great! they are making such progress! It's truly amazing to see! I'm so blessed to be able to witness it! I love them so much!

Every Friday night we lay basketball at the church and try to get investigators or people to come! Normally we get three people who are non-members and then a few members and then around 13 of us missionaries haha (London ward and gateway ward missionaries). But this week was crazy!! On our way home one night sister Smith spotted some boys with basketballs, so we went up to them and invited them to come! and they did! and they brought 10 of their friends!!! it was crazy!!! and so much fun!! hopefully they will come next week too!!

Something we have been talking a lot about lately is how we can be consecrated missionaries. Giving up everything and just focusing on our missions and the Lord. There is an article called "becoming a consecrated missionary" and that's really where it all started. We studied it one morning. And it is so good! It talked about changing our nature, not just our behavior. I want to change my nature. So bad! I want to be a different person when I come home and not slip into normal habits. the music I listened too, the movies I watched. They weren't awful. But they weren't good. I want to be better. We are all constantly changing and are suppose to be! that is part of life! Changing and striving to become the best we can be! Changing our nature. It is exciting! I'm so happy. Honestly I am just thrilled.

I love you all so much and I am so blessed to have all the support and love I receive from you! THANK YOU!


Sister Heinzlmeir

 This Elder was so kind, he became the purse tree so they could have a picture together...doesn't he look so thrilled to serve!  ;)

 This is as close as she'll get to a snake...that's my girl!