Monday, 7 July 2014

Changing our nature

I can't believe another transfer is gone! The good news is.. the tripan is staying together! Oh we are so happy haha When the assistance called it was so funny. They dragged it out a bit but finally told us we were all staying and we literally screamed and may have cried a bit hahahah needless to say we are excited to stay together for another 6 weeks!

So we had ZTM this week (once a transfer we have zone training meeting) and it was so good! We talked a lot about obedience and families! Our whole mission has really been putting a focus on the family and wow! the miracles we have seen! It's amazing. We pray for families and bring up how the gospel blesses families to people we meet and suddenly we have three families to teach! what?! Safe to say when we pray and ask God for something, then work for it, we get it!!!! crazy isn't it? hahaha why didn't we think of this before?! haha. So we have been super blessed and have been teaching a lot!! Our main investigator family has been doing so great! they are making such progress! It's truly amazing to see! I'm so blessed to be able to witness it! I love them so much!

Every Friday night we lay basketball at the church and try to get investigators or people to come! Normally we get three people who are non-members and then a few members and then around 13 of us missionaries haha (London ward and gateway ward missionaries). But this week was crazy!! On our way home one night sister Smith spotted some boys with basketballs, so we went up to them and invited them to come! and they did! and they brought 10 of their friends!!! it was crazy!!! and so much fun!! hopefully they will come next week too!!

Something we have been talking a lot about lately is how we can be consecrated missionaries. Giving up everything and just focusing on our missions and the Lord. There is an article called "becoming a consecrated missionary" and that's really where it all started. We studied it one morning. And it is so good! It talked about changing our nature, not just our behavior. I want to change my nature. So bad! I want to be a different person when I come home and not slip into normal habits. the music I listened too, the movies I watched. They weren't awful. But they weren't good. I want to be better. We are all constantly changing and are suppose to be! that is part of life! Changing and striving to become the best we can be! Changing our nature. It is exciting! I'm so happy. Honestly I am just thrilled.

I love you all so much and I am so blessed to have all the support and love I receive from you! THANK YOU!


Sister Heinzlmeir

 This Elder was so kind, he became the purse tree so they could have a picture together...doesn't he look so thrilled to serve!  ;)

 This is as close as she'll get to a snake...that's my girl!

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