Monday, 30 June 2014

Wet Winnipeg


Another week full of blessings! almost too goo to be true! Our week started off great, we had a lesson with a Buddhist nun in India hahah yeah.. that happened. She is very spiritual which makes lessons intense! Because she is so sensitive to it and can recognize it well. We have another lesson with her this week. She is going to show us around a bit! NEAT!!

We also had exchanges this week (when the sister training leaders come and we switch companions for the day). It was great! they were so kind haha brought us hot cheetos and home made bread! and they even made us pancakes for breakfast while we went to hot yoga haha so nice! They (like everyone) where so surprised how well me sister smith and sister Brimhall work together haha we are changing to tripan's reputation! It can work! and be fun! haha.

We have been doing a LOT of singing!! oh my! We sang at 2 baptisms, a fireside, a huge family dinner, and a jam session (aka a bunch of old people get together and sing and play guitar), and we are singing at another baptism coming up! AH! I don't even sing! But that is what you get when you have sister smith as your companion haha she is absolutely amazing! Me and sister Brimhall are great backups hahahah

We had many miracles and fun times this week but the best thing that happened was when we found a family! We did service Friday at a BBQ and met the parents. Kind people! We talked about our purpose a bit and they started asking why no missionaries have gone to their home yet! They were serious! So we gladly offered to come over and they accepted! We went over the next day (saturday) and got to know them a bit and shared a little scripture. They loved it! Before we left we mentioned church and they were excited! We were SO happy and hopeful that they would come and sure enough, they DID!! The whole family! A mom, dad, and 4 kids! AH! It was the most spiritual experience i've had on my mission so far. They are prepared by God. We did nothing. They are amazing. We are actually going over tonight and doing family home evening with them! Wow i honestly can't even explain the joy we have felt this weekend. We have been praying to find a family and have been working hard and being obedient and trying to do all we can. And the Lord blessed us and answered our prayers. It was amazing. I've never seen someone so open before! They just want to know and try it out! um.. YESS!!!! Seriously.. this is why i'm on a mission. You meet some people who aren't that kind and it can be hard. But then you meet people who are completely prepared and it makes everything and anything worth it. I'm blessed to be here and witness such a miracle. Love you all! have a great week!


Sister Heinzlmeir 

They sing A LOT

At the jam session...

...and the Sally Ann

...and the rain came down and the floods came up...


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