Monday, 16 June 2014


WOW!! Another amazing week! first thing i want to say is... I LOVE MY COMPANIONS!! seriously!! best thing ever!!! they are both so different and we just work so great together! Having companionship unity and having the same goals and desires makes everything else so much easier! It's been great! Sister Smith and Brimhall will definitely always have a spot in my heart! they are so great!!

Honestly I can't even tell you all the amazing things happening because there are just so many! miracles everyday! We have been doing lots of service and helping our members out. We have done a lot of garden work and cleaning! it's been a blast. I love being able to serve others and help whenever we can! Winnipeg is a beautiful place! it is so green and fresh! We work with many less actives and a whole bunch of smokers. It's been amazing seeing someone change from smoking 25 smokes a day to 5 ! The atonement is real and can truly change peoples lives. It's a blessing to see such progress in those we are teaching. Oh! we had a zone conference this week! So a bunch of missionaries gathered together and President talked to us a lot and we did some training and talked about goals and such. Every Zone that was there had a music number and so all the sisters in my zone (7 of us) sang a song. It was really good! But after that.. we got signed up to sing at a talent show, baptism, and some other activity haha oh my.. never doing that again!! but it's fun. Sister smith is an amazing singer!!

Probably the craziest thing that happened this last week was when we went to go visit a lady (from Russia, has been here for 6 years. speaks broken english and really wants to learn more about god) so we go over there and she isn't home. Just her son (2 years old) and her mom. Her mom doesn't speak a single word in enlgish and doesn't understand anything either! Just Russian! We try to ask when her daughter will be home but she has no idea what we are saying. So she drags us into the house and motions for us to sit down. Now, as missionaries.. if someone lets you in there house. You really can't say no! So we come in and sit down. Tried to think of russian words we might know. I remembered "Babushka"  which means grandma. So we point to the little boy then her and asked if she was his Babushka. thats how we found out it was her mom hahaha she got excited and nodded her head. yay! we communicated! she then brings us to the table and feeds us Russian food! So good! so we eats and go on google translate on her computer and say thank you. and then asked if we could come by tomorrow when her daughter would be home. she said yes. so we left and came back. We brought bread with us (a lady in our ward gets a bunch for free so we take a couple crates full and give them to people) so we brought over some bread and they both started crying! we then find out that they don't have money and her daughter is in the hospital and lots of bad things going on. It was intense. The grandma let us in, fed us, gave us water and she didn't know who we were and they didn't have money. There are good people in the world. Who give so much. We had a great lesson and look forward to going over there again this week, Time to learn Russian!

Oh another great event from the week... LICE!! haha oh my!! we were working online and sister smith's old companion messaged her telling her she has lice so she should check herself.. GROSS! So we all freak out a bit and check each other for lice and sure enough.. poor sister brimhall had caught it!! I never saw lice in real life before that.. it was scary. Sister Brimhall was such a trooper though! we just laughed non-stop for the rest of the night haha got some shampoo treatment and a brush thing and took care of her! we cleaned her us and got those little nasties out!! then we washed all our bedding and clothes and such. It was so funny haha we were being way to blessed, of course something had to go wrong. it was only fair. That was crazy. But we got some good pictures and videos from it ! hahaha Oh i love sister Brimhall so much. She is amazing. I would not have been so elegant haha I'd be screaming and crying. She just laughed it off. way to go sister brimhall!! But yeah.. we havent told anyone about that.. but we will have to tell president so he can send a email telling people to check themselves. yikes!!

well! it was an eventful week and im feeling extremely blessed and happy! I love being a missionary! I am learning so much everyday! have a great week! love you all!

sister heinzlmeir

 Tri-pan awesomeness!

Fed by a member and sent home with snacks!

Rugby in the mornings with their tie-die shirts

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