Monday, 9 June 2014

Fun in the City!

What an amazing week full of miracles!! Oh my goodness! So, this whole "tripan" things (having to companions) is the BEST!! We seriously just get along great and are having a blast together!! love it!! We have been trying to be exactly obedient and work really hard and the blessing are sure coming!! Probably the most special miracle that happened was a few days ago. we were at our apartment just eating dinner and suddenly someone knocks on our door. we were like uh what? who is that? the elders never said they were stopping by? huh? so we go check of course and it's this lady. standing there, looking sooo nervous. She just started telling us that she is a member of our church and was baptized in 99 and hasn't been to church for 8 years. She said she wanted to come back and asked if we could give her the discussions again and if she could have a book of Mormon... umm... YESSSS!!! how amazing!!!! someone came knocking on OUR door! THAT is a miracle!! we kept calm until she left. then the dance party began. She is such a lovely lady and we are so excited to work with her. wow. amazing. Also, on our way home from a lesson, we were evaluating the visit and lesson and it was a great one. Sister Brimhall looked at me and said at one point I was speaking and she could feel the holy ghost and she just knew that it wasn't me speaking. That was amazing. I so felt it as well. Sometimes you just start saying things and don't even know what your even saying. just feels right. That made me happy. Knowing I was doing good and having the holy ghost work through me. an incredible feeling. We also met a bunch of people who approached us! it's been unreal!! We feel lots of trust from the lord and responsibility. The area we are in has it's difficulties like every area. And we just want to do the best we can to live worthy of that trust and responsibility and make the area stronger. OH! so every Friday night we play basket ball with members and less-actives and investigators and have a fun time but this week was insane! Our district leader had an accident and smacked his head on the concrete!! ,,he's VERY tall so it's a far fall!!! he almost passed out when he stood up. I checked his pupils (as if I know what to do or what that even means) but the were as small as a pin hole! TINY! I was like uhh.. that's not good. I think. he may have even shed a few tears. he was scratched up and looking rough. We all knelt down and Elder Garner gave his a blessing. The power from that blessing was amazing. There was about 12 missionaries kneeling around. It was so powerful. Then the zone leaders picked him up and carried him to their car. off we ALL went to the ER. unfortunately most of us had to leave soon after to make it for curfew but we got updates and he's doing better today. It was intense. I seriously love being a missionary. This week was seriously unreal. I could go on forever. This work is wonderful and I LOVE being a part of it!! Love you all soo much!!!

Sister Heinzlmeir  

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