Tuesday, 3 June 2014

New but NOT scary!


So many changes!! My last few days in Moose Jaw were hard. I don't like goodbyes. But I definitely feel satisfied with the work me and sister Fellows did there. We went to Regina and got to go to the temple then stayed over at the sister's place over there and then bright and early the next day me and others being transferred were off to Winnipeg! I will miss my district. We were definitely a family. I love them so much. The drive to Winnipeg went fast. Lots of talking and getting to know other missionaries! Then we arrived! I was so excited to be re-united with my fellow MTC buddy Sister Brimhall! Squeals and hugs were absolutely necessary hahaha. then I found Sister Smith and introduced myself and that started it. We were all instantly friends. Wow I love them both so much. Everyone warned us all about dreaded tripans but seriously.. it is a blast!!! so fun!! Our biggest problem right now is that we are friends and talk a lot haha we didn't finish unpacking for days. hahah *cough* *cough*. It has been really different being in a city though. Moose Jaw is small and we were over the whole thing. Here we have our part of the city and it's HUGE! Also.. it is strange being around so many missionaries! I didn't even know we had that many in Winnipeg!! It felt so weird! In Moose Jaw it's us 6 and well.. that's it! Here we have like 50!! We had a p-day activity together (like 40 of us) and we all played soccer. well.. we tried hahaha way too many people to actually play. but there was a solid 6 who were doing great! hahah it was so fun!! Our apartment is nice! I like it!
The ward is super great too!! I'm SO excited for this transfer!! I love it!! We have been doing lots of service this past week! Planting strawberries, volunteering at a relay race fundraiser thing, helping people move, its been so great! I love service!! Oh and we have been doing great workouts in the morning! We go to hot yoga or rugby everyday. so much fun! It's been crazy trying to get used to a new city and new people and a different routine but I honestly am so excited and happy. I love my companions!! It's going to be great!! Love you all so much!! have a great week!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

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