Monday, 23 February 2015

One year mark for Sis. Heinzlmeir!

Hey everyone!

This week went really well! Sister Hiatt and I focus a lot on finding new investigators. We were thinking of new ideas and things we could do to find people who are ready and want the gospel! We are signing up at hospitals and at funeral homes as clergy. How neat is that? I feel so official haha. We have been doing all that we can to talk to everyone we see. Unfortunately that also leads us to people who aren't as kind! We tried to give this guy that we street contacted into a pass-a-long card but once he knew who we were he said no and walked off. We shrugged it off and went to turn the other way when he quickly turned around and started yelling at us. He was pretty rude and unkind. He accused us of not knowing the answers to certain things and having no evidence. He left quickly without letting us have a chance to reply. Which was probably a good thing!!! As we went our way we looked down at the book of Mormons in our bags and just giggled. I feel bad for people who can't see all the answers the book of Mormon has! It is the most correct book on the earth and truly gives us all the answers we need in this life. How lucky we are to know so much of Gods plan and purpose for us. We kept talking to people on our way and met this lady who needed help and wasn't sure where the building was that she needed to get to. We had no clue either but it was worth a shot! So we searched together and once we found it we invited her to learn about the gospel and she said yes! Then right after we finished talking to her, literally like 5 seconds later we talked to this guy who also wanted to learn more! Like what! It was the best haha. Just shows us that God rewards us for our diligence. As we press forward and keep going, there are always blessings in store!

Covering two wards has been going good! Sunday's are still very long haha. But it's fun! Gives us more to do! We are always busy! which is what we want haha!

Also, fun fact, I hit my year mark! I have been on my mission for a whole year. WOW! It felt a little weird to look back and think that it really has been that long. It doesn't really feel like it. In my head time just stops and we just go go go but nope haha. I feel so proud that I can say my last year was spent serving my savior. There is nothing more I'd rather do. And there is still time! I love being a missionary. It's hard work. But it is the best. Hope everyone has a great week!

Sister Heinzlmeir

Tanice Richard! love her!

selfies for dayyys

Seriously!  That makes 2 'Jenna Rae' signs in Winnipeg!!!  How cool is that?
Look its a sign!! I am meant to be in Winnipeg!!! hahhaha get it? #punny

CREPE TIME!! #notfrancebutcloseenough

the gang!!! Sister Brimhall, Stevenett, Me and Hiatt!

this little munchkin is so adorable!!!! Melina Nucum! Melts our hearts haha

..not holding her!!! just kisses haha #sistermissionaryprobs

one year = traditional burning . I burnt a scarf that I never even wore haha I think it's moms... oops. sorry hahaha

we thought it would be funny to put giant snowballs on the elders car. we were right. It was pretty funny hahah.

Happy year mark!! Celebrating at Kawaii Crepe! ... so yummy!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Amazing week!

This week was amazing!!
Sister Hiatt and I have been trying really hard to be the best we can be and to do all we can for the two areas we are over!
The best miracle ever happened the other day! So as a district we made a blind baptismal date. So we set a date for a baptismal service but no one to baptize. The date is the 28th of February. We have all been praying hard for someone to be ready for that date. We had a few people we were working with that we were trying to get ready but it wasn't happening. Then one night we were teaching one of our investigators named Tanice (Her 10 year old brother and sister got baptized not too long ago. But Tanice's grandma (the one who has custody) said that Tanice wasn't ready and she had to wait till she was 10.Tanice is 8. So that was a bummer but we just kept doing what we were doing in hopes that something would change.) And after the lesson we went into the kitchen and her Grandma was making dinner and mumbled "Tanice can get baptized." ... we turned around quickly.. and were a little shocked! like.. wait what?! then we looked at Tanice with giant glowing eyes so excited for what was to come, then we asked flora about the 28th.. of February. And she said yes!!! AH!!!!! Tanice is getting baptized on the 28th!!! We are beyond excited. We are getting everything ready to go!!! What a miracle. It just shows that God really is in control of this work.

Valentines day was fun! We went out for lunch with the YSA sisters! It was a blast. We exchanged cute little gifts and ate lots of chocolate haha that night Sister Hiatt and I treated ourselves to face masks before bed haha it was fun!!! We had lots of laughs.

We also had Zone Training Meeting this week. It was fun! Sister Hiatt and I did a portion on diligence! I felt the spirit a lot.

This week I truly was able to feel so much joy that comes through missionary work. I know that God was right with us this week, so happy at the success we saw. Another fun experience was earlier in the week we had an appointment with a new investigator but we got lost and couldn't find her house! we were outside for an hour searching! We were so frozen! Then finally we prayed for help and literally seconds later she calls us! (we didn't have her number) and she asked if we were still coming over! We told her our direction challenges and she was able to help us out haha then we found her and had such an amazing lesson!! She has a lot of struggles but is so ready for the gospel. I'm excited to see where this journey takes her.

There really is no greater work then missionary work. As we are diligent and obedient, The Lord always provides. I am so happy. I know that every missionary serving faithfully is making so many changes in the lives of others. We don't always see the outcome of our efforts but they happen.

I love you all!

Sister Heinzlmeir

valentines day!! cute members heart attacked us!!! melts my heart!!

valentines day breaky? i think so!

me and my cute comp! love her!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Peace, joy and comfort.

yikes transfers are always so crazy!!! but it was great!! I got to see Sister Fellows (my trainer) which was fun, she is home! So that is crazy! She emailed me this week. It so weird! My mission mom! Gone! Insane. I feel old hahaha.( in mission life). Sister McCrea is also home. It's weird seeing pictures of them home haha like hey.. what are you doing over there? Where is your tag? It's a strange feeling. But I guess it's worse for them hahaha.

I LOVE sister Hiatt. Things feel so good with her! We just both want to work hard and do all that we can! I'm so excited for this transfer! It's going to be a good one! Sister Hiatt is from Utah, and get this.. She has 10 siblings! Like me! and even better... in her family she has 8 biological siblings and 3 adopted. I have 3 biological and 8 adopted! Like I'm just saying.. it's epic hahaha. But really! How neat! She is very funny and kind. I'm very happy haha.

We had an interesting experience this week. Sister Hiatt and I got asked to go see this lady who was in some sort of mental health hospital center place. We went the next day to see her. She has paranoia and some other thing that I can't spell. We sat down with her and taught about Christ and how he heals us and is there for us to give us peace and hope. The lesson went well but we were concerned about her and weren't sure if she was even accountable enough to be baptized, which is ultimately our goal. So we called our ward mission leader who knows her and we talked about her. He brought us to tears as he spoke about her struggles. We then realized that what we do as missionaries isn't just to baptize people and plant seeds, but to help people to come to Christ in every way. Help people find hope, peace, joy, and comfort that the Gospel brings. I don't think I will be here long enough to see if she ever makes it to baptism. But I hope I'm here to see her change and rely find strength through Jesus Christ. There are so many people in the world who need this gospel! The gospel fills people with life and happiness! I was blessed this week by being reminded what an honor it is to be a missionary. And see these miracles every day. I love my Savior so much. I'm so grateful that I know how to rely on Him and turn to Him. What a blessing it is to know the truth about the restored gospel. It truly fills my heart with so much joy. I can't wait to find more people to help bring this joy to! Love you all!

Sister Heinzlmeir 

Saying goodbye to Sister McCrea!

no big deal... but I have my own cake shop

me and the cutest kid ever! Kailee De Guzman

old district! before transfers! we are color coordinated haha
saying goodbye to momma Fellows! safe flight back to Utah!

Saying goodbye to Sister McCrea!

Hello Sister Hiatt! My new Companion!

selfie <3

Monday, 2 February 2015



This week was a very good week! Me and Sister McCrea were able to teach a lot and found some people to teach as well! YAY! We also got many people to sacrament! We have been together for 8 weeks and this week has by far our best! And her last full week too! So that is a big blessing for sure. This coming week is transfer week! We got our transfer calls a few days ago.. and.. I am staying in Dalhousie and am still a Sister Training Leader, and my new companion is sister Hiatt! Oh my goodness I am SO excited! I LOVE Sister Hiatt! She was served near me when I was first in the London ward. She is so great. I honestly am so happy. But there is a twist. SO.. there are 19 missionaries leaving this transfer and only 7 coming in. That means areas need to either close or combine because we don't have enough missionaries to fill all the spots. The Dalhousie ward and the Waverly ward share a building.. and they combined the area for the sisters. So me and sister Hiatt will be serving in two areas! AH! Pretty crazy. Sunday will be some long days haha nothing like 6 hours of church and 4 hours of meetings on a glorious Sunday hahaha. I'm nervous because neither sister Hiatt or I have been in Waverly so we know nothing about that area. Sister Hiatt is currently in Saskatoon. So it will be interesting!! Sister McCrea and I met with the current Waverly sisters the other day and talked about main people they are working with and such. It will be good. I'm excited! But that also means we only have the YSA sisters and the Brandon sisters in our stewardship. So just one down. Which is a bummer because I love exchanges haha but its good!!

So I might have mentioned that our Mission standard for investigators is 1 per week. Sister McCrea and I have been making it a big focus and have tried our best to talk to everyone and to pray to find people who are ready for the gospel. So on Tuesday we were studying together and we got a text from a random number saying "this is Wenonah" ..we were like uhh... who is that? hahaha turns out to be a member in Portage la Prairie and she had someone she wanted us to go see who has been asking about the church! BOOM! yes please! So we contacted the lady and set a time to meet her. We went over and taught her and her boyfriend! It was so good! I love teaching. By far my favorite thing ever. The best part was the guy kept asking the most perfect questions ever! like.. "I just don't know which church is true when there are so many" and he asked that literally right before we went to talk about Joseph Smith! Like hello! here you go. get ready! I love when people ask inspired questions and the spirit just guides the lesson! A few times he was also amazed because I would make a comment and he would say I must have read his mind because he was just wondering that and I am all like.. man.. the spirit is good! hahaha It was great. So hopefully they will progress and we can look at setting a baptismal date! YAY!!!!

Our other investigators are doing really great too! We have a lot to look forward too in this area! I feel good about what is coming!!! Thanks for all your prayers and support! miss and love you all!

Sister Heinzlmeir

saw this family this week and their little girl LOVES doing hair hahah sister McCrea had many bows, headbands, lots of gel, and ribbons in her hair when she was done. so cute.

our new winter hats? hahaha

made peanut butter cups. had a little icing fight but no biggy! I won hahaha. jk she did.

belle and Emma (my favorites) at unburger! yeah that's right.. healthy!!!

unburger.. aka, the best burger place in the WORLD!!!! YUM!

me and Sister McCrea

elder kendall hahah so much fun! he is my zone leader and a great friend!