Monday, 23 February 2015

One year mark for Sis. Heinzlmeir!

Hey everyone!

This week went really well! Sister Hiatt and I focus a lot on finding new investigators. We were thinking of new ideas and things we could do to find people who are ready and want the gospel! We are signing up at hospitals and at funeral homes as clergy. How neat is that? I feel so official haha. We have been doing all that we can to talk to everyone we see. Unfortunately that also leads us to people who aren't as kind! We tried to give this guy that we street contacted into a pass-a-long card but once he knew who we were he said no and walked off. We shrugged it off and went to turn the other way when he quickly turned around and started yelling at us. He was pretty rude and unkind. He accused us of not knowing the answers to certain things and having no evidence. He left quickly without letting us have a chance to reply. Which was probably a good thing!!! As we went our way we looked down at the book of Mormons in our bags and just giggled. I feel bad for people who can't see all the answers the book of Mormon has! It is the most correct book on the earth and truly gives us all the answers we need in this life. How lucky we are to know so much of Gods plan and purpose for us. We kept talking to people on our way and met this lady who needed help and wasn't sure where the building was that she needed to get to. We had no clue either but it was worth a shot! So we searched together and once we found it we invited her to learn about the gospel and she said yes! Then right after we finished talking to her, literally like 5 seconds later we talked to this guy who also wanted to learn more! Like what! It was the best haha. Just shows us that God rewards us for our diligence. As we press forward and keep going, there are always blessings in store!

Covering two wards has been going good! Sunday's are still very long haha. But it's fun! Gives us more to do! We are always busy! which is what we want haha!

Also, fun fact, I hit my year mark! I have been on my mission for a whole year. WOW! It felt a little weird to look back and think that it really has been that long. It doesn't really feel like it. In my head time just stops and we just go go go but nope haha. I feel so proud that I can say my last year was spent serving my savior. There is nothing more I'd rather do. And there is still time! I love being a missionary. It's hard work. But it is the best. Hope everyone has a great week!

Sister Heinzlmeir

Tanice Richard! love her!

selfies for dayyys

Seriously!  That makes 2 'Jenna Rae' signs in Winnipeg!!!  How cool is that?
Look its a sign!! I am meant to be in Winnipeg!!! hahhaha get it? #punny

CREPE TIME!! #notfrancebutcloseenough

the gang!!! Sister Brimhall, Stevenett, Me and Hiatt!

this little munchkin is so adorable!!!! Melina Nucum! Melts our hearts haha

..not holding her!!! just kisses haha #sistermissionaryprobs

one year = traditional burning . I burnt a scarf that I never even wore haha I think it's moms... oops. sorry hahaha

we thought it would be funny to put giant snowballs on the elders car. we were right. It was pretty funny hahah.

Happy year mark!! Celebrating at Kawaii Crepe! ... so yummy!

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