Monday, 16 February 2015

Amazing week!

This week was amazing!!
Sister Hiatt and I have been trying really hard to be the best we can be and to do all we can for the two areas we are over!
The best miracle ever happened the other day! So as a district we made a blind baptismal date. So we set a date for a baptismal service but no one to baptize. The date is the 28th of February. We have all been praying hard for someone to be ready for that date. We had a few people we were working with that we were trying to get ready but it wasn't happening. Then one night we were teaching one of our investigators named Tanice (Her 10 year old brother and sister got baptized not too long ago. But Tanice's grandma (the one who has custody) said that Tanice wasn't ready and she had to wait till she was 10.Tanice is 8. So that was a bummer but we just kept doing what we were doing in hopes that something would change.) And after the lesson we went into the kitchen and her Grandma was making dinner and mumbled "Tanice can get baptized." ... we turned around quickly.. and were a little shocked! like.. wait what?! then we looked at Tanice with giant glowing eyes so excited for what was to come, then we asked flora about the 28th.. of February. And she said yes!!! AH!!!!! Tanice is getting baptized on the 28th!!! We are beyond excited. We are getting everything ready to go!!! What a miracle. It just shows that God really is in control of this work.

Valentines day was fun! We went out for lunch with the YSA sisters! It was a blast. We exchanged cute little gifts and ate lots of chocolate haha that night Sister Hiatt and I treated ourselves to face masks before bed haha it was fun!!! We had lots of laughs.

We also had Zone Training Meeting this week. It was fun! Sister Hiatt and I did a portion on diligence! I felt the spirit a lot.

This week I truly was able to feel so much joy that comes through missionary work. I know that God was right with us this week, so happy at the success we saw. Another fun experience was earlier in the week we had an appointment with a new investigator but we got lost and couldn't find her house! we were outside for an hour searching! We were so frozen! Then finally we prayed for help and literally seconds later she calls us! (we didn't have her number) and she asked if we were still coming over! We told her our direction challenges and she was able to help us out haha then we found her and had such an amazing lesson!! She has a lot of struggles but is so ready for the gospel. I'm excited to see where this journey takes her.

There really is no greater work then missionary work. As we are diligent and obedient, The Lord always provides. I am so happy. I know that every missionary serving faithfully is making so many changes in the lives of others. We don't always see the outcome of our efforts but they happen.

I love you all!

Sister Heinzlmeir

valentines day!! cute members heart attacked us!!! melts my heart!!

valentines day breaky? i think so!

me and my cute comp! love her!

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