Monday, 2 February 2015



This week was a very good week! Me and Sister McCrea were able to teach a lot and found some people to teach as well! YAY! We also got many people to sacrament! We have been together for 8 weeks and this week has by far our best! And her last full week too! So that is a big blessing for sure. This coming week is transfer week! We got our transfer calls a few days ago.. and.. I am staying in Dalhousie and am still a Sister Training Leader, and my new companion is sister Hiatt! Oh my goodness I am SO excited! I LOVE Sister Hiatt! She was served near me when I was first in the London ward. She is so great. I honestly am so happy. But there is a twist. SO.. there are 19 missionaries leaving this transfer and only 7 coming in. That means areas need to either close or combine because we don't have enough missionaries to fill all the spots. The Dalhousie ward and the Waverly ward share a building.. and they combined the area for the sisters. So me and sister Hiatt will be serving in two areas! AH! Pretty crazy. Sunday will be some long days haha nothing like 6 hours of church and 4 hours of meetings on a glorious Sunday hahaha. I'm nervous because neither sister Hiatt or I have been in Waverly so we know nothing about that area. Sister Hiatt is currently in Saskatoon. So it will be interesting!! Sister McCrea and I met with the current Waverly sisters the other day and talked about main people they are working with and such. It will be good. I'm excited! But that also means we only have the YSA sisters and the Brandon sisters in our stewardship. So just one down. Which is a bummer because I love exchanges haha but its good!!

So I might have mentioned that our Mission standard for investigators is 1 per week. Sister McCrea and I have been making it a big focus and have tried our best to talk to everyone and to pray to find people who are ready for the gospel. So on Tuesday we were studying together and we got a text from a random number saying "this is Wenonah" ..we were like uhh... who is that? hahaha turns out to be a member in Portage la Prairie and she had someone she wanted us to go see who has been asking about the church! BOOM! yes please! So we contacted the lady and set a time to meet her. We went over and taught her and her boyfriend! It was so good! I love teaching. By far my favorite thing ever. The best part was the guy kept asking the most perfect questions ever! like.. "I just don't know which church is true when there are so many" and he asked that literally right before we went to talk about Joseph Smith! Like hello! here you go. get ready! I love when people ask inspired questions and the spirit just guides the lesson! A few times he was also amazed because I would make a comment and he would say I must have read his mind because he was just wondering that and I am all like.. man.. the spirit is good! hahaha It was great. So hopefully they will progress and we can look at setting a baptismal date! YAY!!!!

Our other investigators are doing really great too! We have a lot to look forward too in this area! I feel good about what is coming!!! Thanks for all your prayers and support! miss and love you all!

Sister Heinzlmeir

saw this family this week and their little girl LOVES doing hair hahah sister McCrea had many bows, headbands, lots of gel, and ribbons in her hair when she was done. so cute.

our new winter hats? hahaha

made peanut butter cups. had a little icing fight but no biggy! I won hahaha. jk she did.

belle and Emma (my favorites) at unburger! yeah that's right.. healthy!!!

unburger.. aka, the best burger place in the WORLD!!!! YUM!

me and Sister McCrea

elder kendall hahah so much fun! he is my zone leader and a great friend!

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