Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Happy reunions!

Hey Hey!

We had exchanges with the YSA Sisters this weeks and I went with..... SISTER BRIMHALL!!! Oh it was the best haha we had such a great time!! .. and learned a lot of course ;) haha. She is so great. It was so good to have her all to myself for a whole day! We were able to see a lot of people and even had two meal appointments! yum yum! haha.

My ward mission leader is the best! His name is brother D (D is short for drodowski or something) He is so funny. He always brings us something to eat for our meetings, like hot coco and doughnuts or mcdonalds! it's great! We had dinner at his house yesterday and it was so much fun. His wife is kind and gentle and he is so loud and rough haha it's the best combination. Such good people.

So in our mission we have a standard of getting 1 new investigator every week. We started this standard a few weeks ago and Sister McCrea and I haven't found our new investigator in two weeks! We have had sad zeros. So this week We really tried hard to find people and no luck all week! Then sunday night we went out to contact formers. (people who were taught in the past but then stopped meeting the missionaries for varies reasons). It was a colder night and we were pretty desperate to find someone! So we selected a couple from our former list and away we went! Nirmal and Devindar! We went to see them and they let us in! We shared the video "because of him" and talked about Christ and how they come closer to him. They said they wanted us to come back! YAY! not one new investigator but two!! We were pretty excited!! It was so good. Just testified to me that prayer works and also.. we need patience haha. God will never fail us as we do all that we can. Sometimes he just tests our patience then we see the results at the very end. It was great. They are a very kind couple and I can't wait to go back and see them!!

There are so many cultures in Winnipeg! It is a lot of fun! We seriously have taught people from all over the world! I'm getting pretty good at understanding accents haha! I enjoy serving in my home country but also get have the foreign experience with all the different types of people here! It's great.

OH! and I took my SAT this week! It was brutal haha mainly because it was 5 hours long! oh my goodness! But I feel good about it. It was pretty easy! Just long. And I'm a little rusty with my math skills haha. Poor sister McCrea was so bored out of her mind haha but at least its done and over with now!! almost done this transfer! this coming Saturday we get transfer calls!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

the burning of a skirt and pants for their 18 month mark


And of course, I wrote my SAT so now I can burn it too!


p-day fun-day with the YSA sisters! going to play dodge-ball with our zone!!

27- happy birthday Elder Merrell! (he was in my mtc district and now my Dalhousie district! )

we made him a beautiful cake haha

native children we teach. melt my heart haha

little cutie

do you wanna build a snowman?

Sister McCrea and Elder Certain! 18 month mark for these two! crazy!

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