Monday, 19 January 2015

Fancy shmancy!

Hey everyone!!

This week was pretty good! We went on exchanges with The Waverly Ward sisters and it was super great! I love being a sister training leader! I went to their area and went with sister Larson. We met with a few people and it was really great! We saw this one lady who told us this amazing experience she had about prayer! It was when she was a teenager, her sister had this rare disease (1 out of 11 in the world who have it!) and she explained how one day her sister went on a girls camp and all of a sudden she fainted and went white. Luckily one of the leaders on the trip was a doctor and they went straight to the hospital! The doctors said this was the end of what was a long journey for the girl and she had about 24 hours to live. The word spread everyone was praying for her. Then, out of nowhere she woke up and started to heal miraculously! she is still alive today, living in Australia with her husband and kid! AMAZING! Prayer! Who know? haha. It is amazing being able to hear so many different experiences people have. I get reminded time and time again how powerful prayer is and how merciful our Father in Heaven is. It warms my heart so much.

So something I thought was pretty funny was a dinner appointment we had this week. Our whole district went to this members house and it was so funny haha. The member is super proper and fancy so she had out her beautiful china and the table was set for kings and queens! seriously! It was stunning! So we sit down and didn't really even know how to start eating because there were so many forks and spoons and plates and a fancy charger plate thing on the bottom and it was confusing! You could tell we had no clue about proper etiquette because we all glanced at each other awkwardly not knowing what to do. so we followed her lead haha. first the salad. small fork. then the main course, big fork. It was hysterical. People clinking everything and making so much noise and looking like deer in head lights hahaha she made fun of us and how terrible we were. She taught us how to use our utensils properly. I failed haha too hard. It was funny. And very tasty!!!

We also had a ward fireside in which I spoke and it went really well! The spirit was very strong. I learned a lot! We talked a lot about trials and triumphs. It was really great. It was called "the cup, and the throne." Talking about Jesus Christ and how he suffered everything for us and how perfect He is. He is our example and our savior. We have the chance to have a throne just like him. But we also have to go through our fair share of trials. We talked about Joseph Smith and everything he went through. It broke my heart. I have so much love and appreciation for that man. Being beat, tarred, feathered, and mocked, he still preached the gospel and did what the Lord asked him too. What a courageous and inspiring person. I love being a missionary. Often I can relate on a small scale what it's like to be mocked and persecuted. Whether from strangers or family. It happens. Missions aren't easy. No one ever said they were. But the blessings are far worth anything we go through. I love standing as a witness of Jesus Christ and preaching the gospel! I love being able to literally see Christ's name on my heart. I have never felt so much happiness and joy and excitement in my life then on my mission. The miracles I get to see and experience everyday are incredible. It is an honor to be here. I just love it!

I love you all so much!

Sister Heinzlmeir

need help cleaning? ask the sister missionaries! we got your back!

is there an nurse in the house? no but there is sister Heinzlmeir in scrubs! that counts right? hahaha it's insulin. Elder Leishman (from Calgary actually) has diabetes. I stab him sometimes for fun hahaha 

fancy dinner!!!! yum yum in my tum!

but really though... that was a good find hahahah


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