Friday, 16 January 2015

Busy life of a Sister Training Leader!

This week was very busy!

We had Zone Training Meeting which was great! Sister McCrea and I did a portion on faith as we revealed our new mission goal of 144 baptisms! It went really well I think! I definitely felt the spirit! We also went to Brandon for exchanges! I went with sister Simpson and Sister McCrea went with sister Allen. Sister Simpson just came into the mission field about three weeks ago so it was so cute to see her experience all the new things! It was fun. Brandon is about 2 and a half hours outside of Winnipeg so it was fun to have a little road trip! It is a very Spanish community and we actually have Spanish elders out there! We met up with them for dinner at a members and it was so fun. They taught me some Spanish and I taught them some French! it was so funny. We also went and visited one of their investigators who was in the hospital. We brought a card and flowers. She really appreciated it! I like going to hospitals as a missionary. Because we get to go even when visiting hours are closed!! Just flash that ministerial certificate and we are good to go! Makes me feel like an undercover agent or something haha it's the best. But sad because the lady was in the hospital. She has some broken ribs. OUCH!!!

As much fun as Brandon was, It always feels good to be back home in my area. We have an investigator named Cortney and she is the cutest thing ever. She is 15 and requested to see missionaries on after following a Mormon families video blog and has been so solid. She wants to be baptized to bad but her mom wants her to wait till April. She is a strong girl. She made us these cards and it melted my heart haha she is so sweet! I really hope I am still here for her baptism.

I'm really loving Dalhousie. It is the mission joke that Dalhousie is the celestial ward and every missionary wants to serve here haha I understand that joke now!!! Our members are really great and do a lot of missionary work! They also feed us a lot and lets be real.. That is the best way to serve us hahaha It's been great. The young women are so amazing! We take them out to lessons all the time! They are so strong and powerful!! Love them!!

I hope everyone is doing well and excited about the new year! I sure am!! I love you all so so much!!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

Road trip to Brandon!

nice view... just kidding it's Manitoba haha there is no view. just snow hahaha

Brandon sisters!

selfie time! I love exchanges!

the De Guzman girls <3

Winnipeg life.


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