Friday, 26 June 2015

I dont even know where to start with this week haha I guess I should just tell you the most amazing thing ever that happened. So we met this guy named Emilio and had a great lesson on the restoration on friday. Then he came to church on Sunday. After the second hour I asked him if he read and prayed about the book of Mormon. He looked down then back at me and said that he read the intro, and prayed. He said he believes its true and wants to be baptized. um.. YES! then i through out a random date. july 18th! but he said he leaves for Ecuador on july 4th! I asked him if he felt he could be ready before he leaves. He waited a a bit then looked at me and told me he wanted to be baptized before he leaves. AH!! so he will be getting baptized on the 27th of june! IN A WEEK! On the same day as our other investigator Tashiena! AH! We called President to ask if it was ok because normally you need them to go to church 3 times before baptism. We got the go ahead and now making plans to teach him ALL the lessons this week so he can be ready!!! that would be totally fine.. if we werent gone all week! AHHHHH!!!! Sister Allen and I are the Sister Training Leaders and due to a lack of kilometres in our mission this month, we have to do ALL of our exchanges in one week instead of spread out throughout the whole transfer (6 weeks) so we leave tonight for Regina then travel to Moose Jaw and don't get back to saskatoon till friday morning!! the day before Tashiena and Emilio's baptism!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! stress overload. So we are teaching Emilio tonight then on the phone for the next couple days then the Elders will help out and visit him and finish the rest of the lessons with him. It is literally insane. Best miracle ever! but crazy hahaha. We also went to all 3 wards on sunday. That was crazy hahaha oh man. To be honest this week was very overwhelming. And i feel like this next week will be the same. Everything is moving so fast and there is so much to get done! Its such a great thing to be so busy but i'm trying hard to not be too busy and make sure to keep up with talking to everyone I see and doing my other missionary duties and not get caught up in the added responsibilities. 

I think It's weeks like these that I can really see the growth in myself. I don't think I have had so much responsibility before and I am honoured that President thinks I can do it all hahah This is president Thomas' last week. He leave on the 29th. YIKES! I will miss him and sister Thomas a lot but I know that it's not the end! i will see them again!!If everyone could keep Emilio and Tashiena in your prayers that would be greatly appreciated!! I love you all so much!!!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

this is Tashiena!!! All is going well for her baptism on saturday!!!! 


all setlted in my new home! #studydesk 

dinner isnt done yet? oh no worries.. ill just climb in the cage and play with your bunny. #sisterheinzlmeirprobs 

i think my family needs this pizza. its HUGE!!! and costs like 100$!!!! the manager is an investigator. he gives us free pizza haha but not the big one. 

Elder Omer is the best!!! he knew sister Allen and I have been so stressed so he bought us treats for our exchange road trip!!! I have good friends ! they take care of me hahaha #treats 

saskatoon is BEAUTIFUL!!! it's called the city of bridges. There are like six bridges that cross the same river that goes right through the city. It is stunning! 

cute kids we teach! I love children!!! 

 #cutie they were playing dress up while we waited for their mom to get off the phone haha quite the show!!!

fathers day dinner at cy's! (recent convert). We ate SO much food haha 

fathers day dinner at cy's! (recent convert). We ate SO much food haha 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


I don't like transfers haha. I do not like good byes at all. It was very hard to leave Winnipeg. I have been serving there for a full year. Its my home. Saskatoon is beautiful but it's hard feeling like the new kid! haha. I went from knowing every missionary and every member in the whole city basically to know zero members and not knowing the missionaries i'm serving around. Like wait?... your in this mission too? who are you? hahahah. So it's a challenge. However, I really have felt so much peace. I know that I am supposed to be here and it feels so right. I am excited to get to know more people and to expand my circle of friends out here. And Sister Allen is great. She is very patient! Which helps me not freak out about not knowing who anyone is hahah! getting to know the names of every member in 3 wards is a little tricky. But it will all come together. I know the Lord is with me and will help me so I can be the best that I can be and learn what I need to.

We actually have a baptism coming up! Her name is Teshina! She is 14 and so sweet. She is so excited to be baptized! The sisters have been doing a great job up here, there is a lot going on! so that is a huge blessing!! Aside from the transfer, the rest of the week is a blur haha just goodbye's and a bunch of running around. 

I love being a missionary. Honestly change is hard but it is exciting. I get to grow so much. I always thought that going on a mission was just for others. So that i could serve The Lord and bring souls to Christ. But honestly it was been for me too. I feel so much closer to my Father in Heaven and me savior Jesus Christ. I have learned so much about myself and I have been able to change so much. I am thankful for every challenge I get because I know that that means I will grow and become better. And that is what life is all about. Progression. I am honored to serve as a missionary and I'm thankful for this new adventure of being in Saskatoon!!!! I love you all so much! have a great week!

Sister Heinzlmeir

one of our investigators :) Mandi! I love her. 

saying another Goodbye :( Shannon McFarlene <3

Transfer Train take 2!! Back to Saskatchewan!!! 

So in Dalhousie we would all alwyas get Bubble tea. and it was the best. And Elder Omer got transferred with me and we are in the same district. so saturday night him and his new comp brought me and my new comp bubble tea!!! he knows me well hahaha #sisterAllen #bubbletea #goodelders 

night time selfie with my new comp! welcome to Saskatoon everone!

sister Hiatt and I made shirts on our last Pday together haha  #awe #cute #H2 #heinz #Hiatt 

I will miss these two! this is Brother Pepin and Sister Maple. They fed us every single monday. I love them SO MUCH!!!!!  mondays will never be the same!!!

Emma and Kelly DeGuzman!!! Sister DeGuzman makes the BEST cookies EVER!!!!! 

Dalhousie District!!!! #classy

#sassy #mustaches #districtpic 

we mustache you a question! 

Elder Kendall! He his home now.. ew. we will miss him! We served a great mission and taught us lots!!! 

Czerri! An investigator from London! Great to see her again but sad saying bye.. again hahah

the Richard kids!!! .. and one of their friends hahaha. I love these kids!!! #tender 

this is how we treat our recent converts on a nice hot summer day. #theyloveus #muchies


Tuesday, 9 June 2015


The moments with the most adrenaline on a mission.. transfer calls. I am being transferred to Saskatoon to serve with sister Allen (she has one transfer left so I will be her last companion). We are over all three wards in the city. And are the STL's for all of Saskatchewan. I am very nervous to say the least. I have been in Winnipeg for a whole year. Saying goodbye to people and switching wards in the city is not so bad, you get to say see you later! like at stake conference! But this is official goodbyes. It hurts really bad. I have been praying for growth and asking God what He wants me to do next to improve and grow more and well.. here it is haha. yikes.

Aside from the craziness of goodbyes and farewells, the week was really great. We were able to find 11 new investigators this week! How amazing! The Lord really provided for us this week. Miracles everyday. This one day people kept cancelling and it was rainy and gloomy outside but on our way from another no-show we talked to this girl on the street and started to teach her. She started to smile and when we were finished we started waving to us to follow her and asked us to come meet her family. So we followed her and met her family and taught all of them! her mom is the cutest. She gathered all the kids and said "come listen to the lesson!" then they expressed their excitement for our return. Like.. is this real life? haha I love it!!

Sam and Ann are also doing very good! They are reading and praying every day and enjoying the blessings of having the constant companion of the Holy Ghost.

I am going to miss sister Hiatt so much. We have so much fun together. She is so funny and I'm able to just be myself and laugh all day. She is such a hard worker and so talented. I have been blessed to serve with her for the 4 1/2 months we had. I love Winnipeg. So much. But I know God knows me and what I need and where I need to go. I have heard great things about Saskatoon and am excited to get to work there. There is no growth in comfort and no comfort in growth right? I can do this hahaha. I love you all!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

me and Rachel Gatz. #cutie

I met a friend of Lewis'

Daphne Kelly, someone we teach. I don't like goodbyes.

this is Abby! we taught her. She is the Bishops daughter. Little cutie is now baptized and all grown up!.. kinda haha

in Relief Society we got plants hahaha nothing like growing our own basil!!!

so... we went to go see Tanice (one of our recent converts) and found them digging a whole in the ground and yelling that Elmo was dead.. apparently the lawn mower guy didn't see him taking his daily afternoon nap in the grass...

... so we decided "why not!" and helped them burry Elmo.

all done!!! ..after he was sufficiently buried and the grave was decorated.. we then had our lesson on the spirit world and then went around and shared our thoughts and feelings to Elmo.

Saying goodbye to the Visaya's and Yenn!

met Lewis' friend!!! Fun times :)

Georgette. Someone I will never forget. She is the French investigator we teach. I never knew how attached I got to her till it was time to say goodbye. I will miss her so much. She told me that she prays for sisterHiatt and I every night. She is a special person.

#toocute #oliver

this is Brother Gilson! he is deaf! And my best friend haha. I learned a few sentences but even though we didn't say much to each other, I grew to love him! what a special spirit he has!!!!

Marla Gross. I will miss her lots. <3 Gross family dinners at the farm will always have a place in my heart haha

this is the family I talked about this week! we taught the daughter and rushed us to teach everyone else! I love them haha.

Sister Hiatt and I and the London/Gateway sisters!! hahaha #sisters #matchingwithourcomps #cute

nothing like some ultimate frizbee in the AM on a pday!!! #goodtimes #getsalittleintense #myteambeatsisterHiatts #donttellheritoldyou