Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Sister Hiatt and I had a very neat experience this week. Our standard for every week is to have at least 1 new investigator. It was Friday and we didn't have any. Not good! We were so busy planning the baptism, helping our stewardship, and practicing musical numbers that we just didn't have time to find! So Friday we set time aside and knew we had to find someone. So we went street contacting around the church and saw a lady sitting at the bus stop. We talked to her and she was so not interested. We asked her what her name was and she wouldn't even tell us haha but she kept talking to us and shared a neat story about how God helped her life so we decided if she wasn't going to be our new investigator, at least we can teach her and try to uplift her. So we kept talking. Then we prayed and went to leave. Then she stopped us and said she wanted us to come to her house to teach her! We were like wait, what? really? haha so she told us her name and saw her yesterday! She is very sweet. It was amazing to see how hearts really can be changed through the spirit! She went from having a disgusted look and not even telling us her name to smiling and asking us for more! Sister Hiatt and I definitely learned our lesson. 

and probably the best thing ever this week.. SAM AND ANN GOT BAPTIZED!!!! YAY!!!! It was literally the best. So many members came to support them, the talks were fantastic, we didn't mess up our song, and the spirit was so strong!! Sam got baptized first. She was so happy. then sam came and stood by sister Hiatt and I while we watched Ann get baptized next. When Ann came out of the water she took a deep sigh of relief. It filled my heart with joy. Then she joined us three and we embraced.  The power of baptism is real. It not just mindlessly entering in some water and calling it good. It's an ordinance. We make covenants with our Father in Heaven and are blessed! We can be clean from sin and have a fresh start. I am thankful for Ann and her faith. I am blessed to have witnessed such a miracle and have been able to be a part of both of their journeys. Thank you to everyone who prayed in their behalf. I appreciate it so much. 

I love you all so much. Have a great week!

Sister Heinzlmeir

zone conference lunch! #friends

elder waters!

President Thomas

Elder Kendall!

sister Thomas!

me, sister Brimhall and Elder Merrell!

dinner at the Sanchesaldana's!!

Our favorite Spanish family!

Brother D is like a Grandpa to me and Sister Hiatt. and that is what we call him too haha he loves it. especially when we rub his bald head. he is our ward mission leader and the best ever. but he got released. so we celebrated and had a birthday/farewell party!!!


Ann , Naomi (ann's other daughter) and Sam!!

the musical trio!! We dragged Elder Kendall into singing with us haha good thing he is not only very talented but he is a great friend and didn't even try to get out of it hahahaha


Belle DeGuzman! #seminaryGrad2015

Belle and Emma!

Dinner at the Nucums! So fun.

playing some B-Ball!!! it got pretty intense!

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