Friday, 26 June 2015

I dont even know where to start with this week haha I guess I should just tell you the most amazing thing ever that happened. So we met this guy named Emilio and had a great lesson on the restoration on friday. Then he came to church on Sunday. After the second hour I asked him if he read and prayed about the book of Mormon. He looked down then back at me and said that he read the intro, and prayed. He said he believes its true and wants to be baptized. um.. YES! then i through out a random date. july 18th! but he said he leaves for Ecuador on july 4th! I asked him if he felt he could be ready before he leaves. He waited a a bit then looked at me and told me he wanted to be baptized before he leaves. AH!! so he will be getting baptized on the 27th of june! IN A WEEK! On the same day as our other investigator Tashiena! AH! We called President to ask if it was ok because normally you need them to go to church 3 times before baptism. We got the go ahead and now making plans to teach him ALL the lessons this week so he can be ready!!! that would be totally fine.. if we werent gone all week! AHHHHH!!!! Sister Allen and I are the Sister Training Leaders and due to a lack of kilometres in our mission this month, we have to do ALL of our exchanges in one week instead of spread out throughout the whole transfer (6 weeks) so we leave tonight for Regina then travel to Moose Jaw and don't get back to saskatoon till friday morning!! the day before Tashiena and Emilio's baptism!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! stress overload. So we are teaching Emilio tonight then on the phone for the next couple days then the Elders will help out and visit him and finish the rest of the lessons with him. It is literally insane. Best miracle ever! but crazy hahaha. We also went to all 3 wards on sunday. That was crazy hahaha oh man. To be honest this week was very overwhelming. And i feel like this next week will be the same. Everything is moving so fast and there is so much to get done! Its such a great thing to be so busy but i'm trying hard to not be too busy and make sure to keep up with talking to everyone I see and doing my other missionary duties and not get caught up in the added responsibilities. 

I think It's weeks like these that I can really see the growth in myself. I don't think I have had so much responsibility before and I am honoured that President thinks I can do it all hahah This is president Thomas' last week. He leave on the 29th. YIKES! I will miss him and sister Thomas a lot but I know that it's not the end! i will see them again!!If everyone could keep Emilio and Tashiena in your prayers that would be greatly appreciated!! I love you all so much!!!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

this is Tashiena!!! All is going well for her baptism on saturday!!!! 


all setlted in my new home! #studydesk 

dinner isnt done yet? oh no worries.. ill just climb in the cage and play with your bunny. #sisterheinzlmeirprobs 

i think my family needs this pizza. its HUGE!!! and costs like 100$!!!! the manager is an investigator. he gives us free pizza haha but not the big one. 

Elder Omer is the best!!! he knew sister Allen and I have been so stressed so he bought us treats for our exchange road trip!!! I have good friends ! they take care of me hahaha #treats 

saskatoon is BEAUTIFUL!!! it's called the city of bridges. There are like six bridges that cross the same river that goes right through the city. It is stunning! 

cute kids we teach! I love children!!! 

 #cutie they were playing dress up while we waited for their mom to get off the phone haha quite the show!!!

fathers day dinner at cy's! (recent convert). We ate SO much food haha 

fathers day dinner at cy's! (recent convert). We ate SO much food haha 

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