Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Craziest week ever!!! Haha. Started with sister Allen and I going to Regina to do exchanges. I went with sister Miller then Sister Alder the next day. So much fun!! Sister Alder and I really clicked and had a blast. Then we headed down to Moose Jaw for exchanges! I went with sister Martin and saw Cheryl!! My first recent convert! Although it has almost been a year since she was baptized. weird!! She took us out to dinner and gave me a gorgeous ring with blue diamonds. She always talks about my blue eyes and how intensely I would look at her and how the first time I asked her to be baptized she said NO!! hahahaha. I love her so much. It is amazing to see the growth in her!! I also got to see sister Sherlock!! She was one of my favourite members there. It felt so weird! I was freaking out the whole ride to Moose Jaw hahaha. Exchanges were a lot of fun! I love being a sister training leader and seeing our sisters!! We got them each some fun Canadian things to celebrate Canada day with haha we put some funny things inside. 

Today is president Thomas' last day! AH!! We Skype to meet President and sister Craig today and then they come up to Saskatoon this week for a "meet the president" conference thing. Which of course my district is singing at. Am I surprised? nope. why? because I sing all day everyday on my mission!! haha I don't know why but people assume all sisters can just sing and decide its a good idea to sign us up for things. Good thing is there are some pretty god elders in my district with great voices! 

And the best news of the week.... TASHIENA GOt BAPTIZED!!!! She is 14 and no one in her family are members. She is the first one and hopefully not the last! her mom is close. Has some things to clear up but hopefully it wont take long! It was a beautiful day! I love that girl so much. 

Sadly Emilio did not get baptized, he agrees with everything and knows it's true. He just needs time to commit to some commandments first. So missionaries in Ecuador will teach him from now since he leaves this week and we will keep in touch on facebook! thank goodness for technology! 

I love you all so much! I hope you are enjoying the sun as much as i am!!!!


Sister Heinzlmeir 

We got our new mission President!! President and Sister Craig toured the mission and came to see our zone. We got to shake his hand and him and sister Craig spoke to us then off to the next zone. It was pretty fun! They are very good people. But it was weird. I miss president and Sister Thomas a lot. I kinda feel like i just got out on my mission again haha not knowing the president or anything. But i'm excited for the changes he will bring. 

We had a great lesson with one of our investigators. She is getting baptized on the 18th! We haven't seen her in weeks and finally got to teach her. She said she was having doubts and her family isn't very supportive (she is 27) but she has decided she is ready and knows this makes her happy so she wants to just go for it!! We are very happy for her.

There have been massive fires up north and we have been getting SO MUCH smoke!!! It's been looking like a ghost town all week!!!

Also, fun news, I got to teach my friend Bayo from high school!! After we graduated he went to the university of Saskatchewan which is here in Saskatoon!! I thought he would be home for the summer and it's been so long since we graduated I had no idea if he was still here but he is! he is doing a summer program! So we taught him a couple lessons this week!  it was the best!! How often do you actually get to teach someone in person that you grew up with! crazy!! haha it was weird but very fun. 

Things are still a little hard with changing areas. But it's going well. A lot of prayer and a lot of studying helps haha I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Sister Heinzlmeir  

this is toothless. the elders found him and broke his wings! terrible. i know. but he is our new district pet hahaha. 

sister Miller!!! fun selfie and tea time!

Sister Alder!!!!!! (she actually emailed me before she came out to ask questions about the mission! look at her now! woot woot!) 

so Shannon sent me a picture of a door that was way pretty and said her parents took a bunch of door pictures in italy. I thought i would do the same. what do you think? #classy #doorsinmymission #bejealous 

in Moose Jaw missionaries that have served there leave a printed copy of their tags on the door. like a sign book type thing. and ta-dah!!! i'm still there!!!

jamming out before bed. sounded terrible hahaha 


HELLO MOOSE JAW!! fun times with sister Martin!!

my ring from cheryl!!! 

the elders surprised us with water balloons and water guns at the end of the day. got me soaked!! little punks! 


back to our home!! had a fun vacation haha now back to work!! 

playing dress up hahah #mature 


my latest piece


HAPPY CANADA DAY. ward pancake breaky

me and a recent convert/my bestie brother Segassige

Piper Ledding! cutie!

my friend Elder Merrell came up to saskatoon!! #AP #meetnewpresidentmeeting

Emilio! off to Ecuador! 

summer time selfie!

funnest thing ever! we got to eat with our hands on banana leaves!!! full on Philippine style!! it was a blast!!! there is just a pile of food in the middle and you just giver! 

dinner and a show at the cayabyabs!!!!  (no idea how to spell their last name) 

4th of july fun!! we had a bbq ! hawaiin style! 

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