Monday, 2 March 2015

Freedom to Read...

This week we went on exchanges in Brandon! So fun! I love that little place. There are so many Spanish people there! We even have Spanish Elders serving there. That is the only Spanish area/other language then English are in the whole mission! Which is crazy because there are so many different languages in this neck of the woods! But anyway, So we drove down and I went on exchanges with Sister Allen. She is really great. We played basketball with a bunch of Catholics and Sister Allen killed it! She is very good at basketball! I tried my best but I'm not the greatest haha I'm better at being the cheerleader on the sidelines. I'd love to see sister Brimhall and Sister Allen play 1 on 1. I feel like it would be legendary haha. We also got to attend a members bridal shower. It was fun! All the young women came, it was their activity. There was yummy food and fun games! Too bad Sister Hiatt and I had no idea who the lady getting married was haha. #ithappens

So Sister Hiatt and I have really been focusing on finding new investigators the past few weeks and this week we did something so fun! We sign up for this "banned book marathon". It's where you read from a pulpit out loud from a banned or challenged book to an audience. Something about "freedom to read". Anyway, we did that! We signed up and read from the book of Mormon! The book of Mormon has been challenged so much! It was perfect! We read in 3 Nephi where Christ comes to the people in the Americas. It was so powerful! There was this one girl in the front row and her eyes were glued to sister Hiatt as she read. I was praying the whole time that the spirit would just touch their hearts. It felt good after knowing we gave so many people the chance to really hear from the book of Mormon. It was really neat!

Unfortunately Tanice Did not get baptized this week, but all is in order for it to happen on the 7th of March. Her grandparents have custody of her and her siblings while her mom is in rehab. Her mom really wanted to be at the baptism but could only come out for visits after a certain amount of time so it got moved back a week so she can make it. I'm so excited! Tanice even wrote a story in school about her baptism and how it will go and how she is so excited! Melts my heart. I love her so much!

Things are warming up in Winnipeg which feels nice! I'm enjoying it a lot! I feel so blessed to be a missionary! I love sister Hiatt so much. She is such a hard worker and we really serve so well together! I hope we stay together for a long time!! Thank you everyone for all you do for me! I feel so uplifted by your thoughts and prayers and appreciate it all so much! love you all!

Sister Heinzlmeir

we think we are funny taking random pictures. here is us on the phone with our district leader haha fun times eh?

road trip to Brandon!! here we come!

Me and sister Allen in Brandon

Brandon sisters!

cooking at sister Demarchi's! We kicked her out of the kitchen so she could talk to her husband who is in New Brunswick, so we made dinner! YUM!

awe... we're cute

This one time me and sister Davis were going to an apt one night and I found this mini lightbulb on the road by their house! I stuck it in my pocket and claimed it as my "lucky Lightbulb" It was in my pocket for months! until sister Smith suggested I make it into a necklace and TA-DAH!!!! final product!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!


excuse me... We MUSTACHE you a question?... Would you like to learn about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ?

sometimes at night,after we plan for the next day, we get a little crazy and do tricks

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