Monday, 16 March 2015

Transfer calls!!!!
Me and sister Hiatt are staying together!! YAY!!! We are very happy about that!! Actually, our whole district is staying the same! I have never had that happen before! Probably because the last two transfers were huge, things are settling down finally hahah. Not as many changes this time. Sister Brimhall is getting transferred to Brandon!! do you know what that means? I still get to go on exchanges with her!! hahah we died. I don't think we will ever be apart for the rest of our mission. Sister Smith is staying in Regina. Last transfer for her! ah! Craziness!! All in all I feel great about this coming transfer. 

Things are starting to pick up in both areas now! (Dalhousie and Waverly). We found a new investigator this week and oh my goodness she is so prepared!! We had her info but didn't know if she was a member or less-active or what! We had some time to kill and we were in the Waverly part of the city so we thought it would be good to get to know people more! So we go to see her and she lets us in right away and was so happy and cheerful. We figured it was a member by how happy she was to see us. Then she tells us about herself and tells she is not a member, but her husband is less-active but still loves the church and knows its true. She said they recently got married, she is catholic, and she wants their family to be close and unified so she wants to convert. She said we have to help her because quitting drinking coffee is hard and she doenst understand all the doctrine. She said that she had a baptismal date a while ago but life got in the way and we are her 3rd set of sisters to see her. She said 3rd time was the charm and wants to make it happen! She asked if we could come back this next week and help her learn so she can make her family closer. um... YES!!!!!! the whole lesson we pretty much just sat there and ouuu'd and ahh'd while she ranted about how excited but nervous she is and how she wants to be baptized. hahaha like are you serious? It was the BEST!!!!! 

Another fun moment this week was at church. Both wards had a get sacrament meeting. We go to Dalhousie first, then go to Waverly. In Waverly the speakers were actually members of the Dalhousie ward. The Nucums. They are the best! We had dinner with them this week and they brought it up in their talks! Sister Nucum told everyone how important it is to get to know your missionaries and have them over for dinner and to learn from them. Then she said how missionaries from their ward (us and the elders) had dinner with them and it was so fun. She said that at the table we all were laughing and having a blast. That we are just a bunch of teenagers and were having a great meal together. But when we taught the lesson after dinner she said it was like listening to apostles. She said the spirit we bring into their home is amazing and how we teach and testify with the spirit. She said there is no doubt that we are disciples of Jesus Christ. That really hit me. Sometimes as missionaries we just go with the flow and are so used to how things go. Get busy with the work and just live the life we have grown to know and love. But to take a minute to really think about who we are and who we represent was very powerful. I am thankful for all the members who have ever h ad me in their home. It is such a blessing. And I am so thankful that I get to be a disciple of Christ. To teach and testify of him. I know He lives and I will tell everyone I see that beautiful truth. 

Sister Heinzlmeir 

so our District Leader is the best hahaha we love presents and we are also trying to be healthy, so Elder Merrell bought us these hand/arm muscle thingys hahaha I can barely close it!!! we use them all the time in the car haha its the best #gettingripped 

sister Stevenett!! Who I went on exchanges with last week

the night before Tanice's baptism we did her hair and it turned into a hair chain haha Danika was doing my hair, I was doing tanice's and tanice was doing sister Hiatt's haha

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The family all together for Tanice's baptism!!!

Tanice and the two other kids in the ward getting baptized :) Lia, and Caleb!

TANICE :) My girl <3

picture on the church bulletin from months ago haha  stick pull. elder certain, elder alred, me and sister mccrea against bishop Freisen hahaha

so this one time (last Monday) me and sister Hiatt were emailing.. then this happened. Yep.. that is our car haha. we should have just showed the tow truck guy our ministerial certificates to get out of paying haha.

Clayton (Tanice's brother) made us cute bracelets when we went over to teach them all haha what a cutie 

our yummy dinner.. ham chunks, carrots, and fake mashed potatoes haha the potatoes were actually really good! tasted way real!

#selfieseveryday #lovemycomp

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