Monday, 9 March 2015


Hello Everyone!

Best news ever... TANICE GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! It was amazing!!!!! Satan sure worked hard to not let it happen though! Tanice's mom was at the house and told us that she doesn't think Tanice is ready. We were like uh.. what? then she asked Tanice why she wanted to get baptized and Tanice blanked and said she didn't know! I was getting a little angry in my head haha like Tanice common! You know this! She finally answered and said the cutest things ever. So her mom then started to feel the spirit and had a smile and said she feels like she could get baptized now. Oh my goodness haha we were freaking out inside!! But it shows.. good always wins haha. We bought Tanice a cute little dress for the big day and oh my goodness she was beaming with joy!! After she got out of the font (she actually had to get baptized twice because her uncle, who baptized her, raised the wrong arm.. she felt lucky haha) She told us that she felt all her lies be washed away. I love her so much!! I am so proud of her. 

Also, We went on exchanges with the YSA sisters! I went with sister Stevenett! So much fun! Sister Brimhall has done an amazing job training her. She is such a great missionary! We were able to see a lot of miracles on the exchange. It's fun seeing how much she has grown since she first came to the mission field! 

We get transfer calls this week! This transfer went by so fast! AH! Sister Hiatt and I think we will stay together again. I sure hope so! I love her so much! We have so many laughs and good times. She teaches me so much every day. She is very independent and always stands up for what she believes in. She is bold and loving and is such a diligent and hard worker. 

We had interviews with President this week, Its always fun seeing him and being able to talk! He is so funny. Such a big teddy bear. He really has given this mission everything. I can't believe he goes home soon and we get our new President. It will sure feel weird! Oh and get this.. Sister Smith goes home in 1 transfer! ah! crazy. Time is flying! 

I also gave my very first sacrament talk on my mission haha! I don't know how I have been able to dodge that bullet for a whole year but I guess it was about time. I spoke in the Waverly ward. It was on service. I based it off of the talk elder Holland gave in the November 2014 general conference called "are we not all beggars?". It is seriously so amazing. You should read it! I am so blessed to be a missionary and to have the chance to sere every single day all day for a year and a half. It makes me so happy!! Thank you all for you support and love! have a great week!

Sister Heinzlmeir

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