Monday, 23 March 2015

Fun surprises!

What a week! You are in for a good update, we had some great experiences this week haha

This week sister Hiatt and I went to go visit a less-active we are working with. She lives in an apartment building and sometimes we get lost haha there are a lot of floors and we always mix up who lives on what floor! So anyway.. we go on this floor (thinking it was hers) and start knocking on the door. No answer. Which seemed odd because she buzzed us in. So I knock louder thinking she just didn't hear. Then a lady from the apartment across from us yells through her door "are you knocking on my door?" .. awkwardly we said no and we were coming to see her neighbor. She asked us if we were collecting. We told her a bit of who we were but not very much. Considering the conversation was us talking to a door in a hallway. It got quiet and still no answer from who we were looking for. So I awkwardly turn to the door across the hall and asked if she was religious. Sister Hiatt gave me a weird look. I would have too haha it was weird. But because she is a great companion she had my back and asked talked about our purpose. The lady said she would open the door but she couldn't because she wasn't dressed for guests but she loved what we were teaching. So we continued to teach her. through the door. In the hall. hahaha. She finally cracked it open. We gave her our number, read scriptures and even prayed with her. We hope she will call us back and let us come over again! Hahah it was so funny though. And yeah.. so the less-active texted us and reminded us what floor she was on. it was the best. I like to think the spirit guided us and that we weren't just lost hahah.

Also, we have an investigator named Joanne who is the BEST. We have met with her twice. We went over Saturday night and she right away told us that she was coming to church tomorrow. We were happily surprised! We had a great lesson and set a baptismal date with her! She is very prepared! Its the best! She kept saying something in her life was missing and she wanted to see if this was it. She has a husband and a 5yr old son and is a nurse. She has a great life. But it proves that you truly can have all the things in the world but still not have true joy. That peace and joy only comes from Christ. So sunday comes and we were waiting to greet her and sit with her but we couldn't see her anywhere! so doubt filled my heart, thinking it was too good to be true. Finding someone so prepared. The bishops starts to greet everyone so we slowly and sadly walk into the chapel and ta-dah! There was Joanne! Sitting in the chapel!! We ran to sit by her and she told us she was early so she just came in! She looked beautiful and so happy! It was the best.

What a great week! I truly saw many miracles this week. Makes me feel so happy! Thank you for all you do in helping your local missionaries and being such a support to me and others! You make the difference. Love you all!

Sister Heinzlmeir

meet my district! 2 transfers strong!

we are a good bunch hahaha

pretty sisters <3 love them!

So our district got stuck doing a musical number for the mission fireside at the end of the month and we are getting elder Kendall to play piano for us. He is AMAZING at the piano! Anyway.. we were kinda not sounding great so Elder Kendall got out a white board and taught us music theory hahaha we are getting better!

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