Monday, 28 July 2014

Days, weeks, short, long, long short...and baptisms!

I can't believe it's Monday again! Days feels like weeks and weeks feel like days! A lot happened this week! Our week started off with exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders! It's always so much fun to have them over and we get to learn so much! I went with Sister Bennett for most of the day. I was nervous at first.. mainly because Sister Smith is the driver and knew the area when me and Sister Brimhall arrived.. needless to say I'm not the best with directions and I don't exactly know my way around our area... hahah so Sister Brimhall made me mini maps on sticky notes and off me and Sister Bennett went!! (she is from Edmonton actually!) We all had dinner at a members that night. Oh I love her. Sister Babiuck. She is a single old lady who melts my heart. She makes everything homemade and it's sooo good! But she makes enough to feed an army! And loves to make us keep filling our plates haha we have to always remember to where our stretchy clothes when we go over there! Then she gives us all the leftovers to take home! YES!!! Well fed missionaries are happy missionaries.

Another exciting event this week was setting a baptismal date with our family we are teaching! It's a family of 6 and 5 of them are ready for baptism! The youngest is 7 so she has another year till she can. It was the best!! For weeks we have been trying to set a date with them but every time we would try, they were sick or something came up! It was the worst! But FINALLY we met and right when we walked in and sat down I felt the spirit and I knew. I knew it was going to happen that day. and it did! YAY!!! every time we see them we see a change and it's truly amazing. We can't wait for them to be baptized!! Oh I love that family. I remember when we first met them and started teaching them! That was only a month ago! And now they are all getting baptized! AH! It's amazing. They pray and read scriptures together every night. It melts my heart. They are the best haha.

I love being a missionary. Some days feel long but oh my goodness it is the best thing I've ever experienced. The time goes by too fast haha.Oh also, we sang at another fireside! I'm so over singing hahaha we sing at everything!!! But it was good. I love you all so much!

Sister Heinzlmeir

(She also had an investigator in Moose Jaw who is now getting baptized as well!)

Sister Training Leaders

Some of the Young Women they went out with for Sushi

 Ribs with bibs!

A little Sparkling Grape Juice after a lesson with the French family...the little guy teases Jenna about her rusty French sometimes!  But she's okay with that because she knows she's rusty. ;)

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  1. Thanks for doing this Kelly! I love to read these. The pictures make me smile and laugh and cry :) Jenna is learning and growing so much and being such a great example for ME!! Thanks, Julie O