Monday, 4 August 2014


This week was crazy haha. First of all.. Taylor gets home this coming week?! what?! It's crazy. Selfishly I wish he could stay out longer haha the blessings and strength I have felt having my big brother out at the same time as me has been unreal. I think of him often and how we are in this together in a way. He is amazing. I can tell how good of a missionary he was because im in that world now too and I know. He worked hard and he did amazing things. I am so proud of him.

This week was very emotional haha. #sisterproblems . I got a really bad chest cold so that wasn't fun. But luckily my companions are the best and took care of me! Oh I love them. Which brings us to the craziest thing ever. So Saturday morning after our studies, we checked the phone and saw three missed calls from President and two voice-mails. That is never a good sign. That means serious business if it's a call straight from President! So we call him back. He said he had good news and great news and asked us what we wanted to hear first. We chose the good news. He then decided to save the good news and give us the great news! the great news was that the church is true and God loves us. So we giggled in agreement and asked for the good news. He then explained how there was a little bad news first. The bad news is that a sister got really sick and is being sent home! so heart breaking! Then the worse news came... as the only tripan in the mission, that clearly means that one of us is being emergency transferred to take her place. (we are only half way through this transfer). So.. Sister smith is going to a different ward in Winnipeg and going to be a Sister Training Leader! Needless to say we all fell to the floor and cried for a good hour. Then got up and got to work. It was a long day! It's hard when you become best friends with your companions then they get taken away so fast! But she will be an amazing STL and we are SO proud of her. Me and Sister Brimhall will stay here and hold down the fort until transfers and who knows what will happen next. One of us could go too. it's crazy!! I love these Sisters so much. They have taught me so much. Sister Smith is precious. She is so full of love and kindness. Good thing is, since she is still in Winnipeg she will get to come to our families baptism on the 16th! Thank goodness! So that will be very special. Then Sunday we got so many prayers answered. We were very stressed and freaking a bit (she leaves Wednesday) and it's very busy but we have been praying a lot together and we have felt so much peace lately. It's interesting because I got a blessing a couple weeks ago talking about changes that will come and such! well.. HERE IT IS! hahaha. But really.. I have so much peace in my heart. I KNOW that God is behind everything and it'll all work out and make sense soon. I love being a missionary. It can get crazy at times haha but oh the miracles we have seen together. It's amazing.

The Klassen's are doing amazing! (our family being baptized soon). The dad has stopped smoking completely and almost completely done with coffee! YAY! They amaze us every time we go over. They are prepared. This last time we went over and they talked to us about wanting to do family home evening but didn't know how to do it so we go over and do it with them. They are all reading and praying everyday and really understand that it is a life style that will change their lives for the better. They hold nothing back. I remember when we taught tithing. which is normally a harder one for people. We went over and they said they read their home work (which was a pamphlet on tithing.. that we were going to discuss in greater detail) and they told us before we even started that they are saving the money that would go towards smoking and using that for their tithing and read all these scriptures and oh my... they do this every time hahaha we literally don't do anything. They do all the changes and everything on their own. They are ready. It's going to be amazing!!! I love them!!!!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

 Robin is a returning member who knocked on our door and asked us t o teach her. this is her lovely family! we love them so much!

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