Monday, 11 August 2014


What an eventful week!
So to start the week off, last Monday we had a big family home evening night at the church to show the Klassen's how to do it! We invited a few families from the ward, had a lesson, game, and everyone brought a treat to share! YUM! It was so fun! We moved all the couches from the foyer and put them in the gym and made it look like a living room. it was so funny! They loved it! They get baptized on Saturday! AH! Praying everything works out how it should!!!

We also had Zone Training Meeting this week. Its always so good. The Zone Leaders are the best! I learn so much! But the best part was when it started. So Sister Smith's Birthday is August 26, and we were going to celebrate it at the end of the transfer (August 22) but then the whole "Emergency Transfer" thing came up so we surprised her and celebrated it at ZTM! We got there a few minutes late to give everyone time to set up. Sister Smith loves mini things, so we had mini treats and cups and spoons, it was the best! And she also likes turbans. Kind of strange i know haha but when she sees a turban she takes that as a sign that God loves her. Because she thinks they look so neat and one day she was sad and prayed to see God's love for her and BOOM! TURBANS EVERYWHERE!! SO... we got all the missionaries in the zone to wear a scarf on their head like a turban for Sister Smith. We took them off after a few minutes of course, because we didn't want to be rude or anything. But it was the BEST!! we walked in the room and everyone had one on! she cried. Seriously. It was pretty neat to see everyone come together to make sister Smith feel loved. The unity was amazing! It was fun. Then the next day we had to drop her off with her new companion. BOO. It was so hard. lots of tears. then some more tears. I love her so much. It was a blast serving together. But we will see each other at the Klassen's baptism! YAY!!  We also get our transfer calls this week! I have no idea whats going to happen!!

Things are very different now just having one companion haha me and Sister Brimhall are re-figuring out how to work together. since we had our system down with the three of us. It's weird but still good. I love Sister Brimhall!! We went street contacting the other day and it was so funny!! We haven't street contacted in months because we were always busy at teaching appointments all day! But this time, everyone canceled on us. So we went on the streets and oh my... it's true that when you don't use a skill often.. you loose it!!!!! We were not good at it hahaha we were so awkward. We talked to this one lady and sister Brimhall looked at her.. waited... then said " you like church?" ... the lady walked away hahahahah it was SO FUNNY!! needless to say it is in our goals this week to get better at that!!! Practice!! hahah.

I love you all so much! thanks for all the love and support!! you are the best!!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

Kate Is the best. Gave us a cute little gift just because!!! I got peanut butter m&m's because im the nutty one she said hahahah

 the Ladd's are a great family in the ward who feed us every monday! Welcoming their new baby Porter into the world!! 30 hours old here!!!

 spiritual gangster shirts.. we had to haha

My very first investigator ever got baptized this weekend! YAY SHERYL!!!! I was so happy! We got to skype and listen to the talks and music. She is the best! I love her!! im so proud of her!!!

 Family Home Evening at the church!! so fun!

The Gross family!! LOVE THEM!!!

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