Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Adjusting to 2 again...

This week was a harder one haha We are still adjusting to being a companionship of two again haha but it's been good. and TRANSFER CALLSS!! Me and Sister Brimhall will be staying together in the London ward! YAY! We are happy about that. We are getting two new Elders in the district. It'll be very good!!

Sad news of the week was that we had to postpone the Klassen's baptism! Sarah (the mom) is very very sick. We barely got to see them all week. Which was not good! But we called and checked up on her and door bell ditched some cupcakes haha. She is feeling a little better now and so soon we will get together with the whole family and talk about another date. Hopefully within the next couple weeks! But luckily they are still going strong spiritually! They read and pray every day as a family and as a couple. They are very excited to get baptized! We love them so much! And we have been able to keep in touch with Sister Smith to inform her about the baptism stuff, since she will be able to come up for it! So that is always good hahaha we miss her! Things are more quiet without the chatty one hahaha. It's funny.

We have been doing a lot of service for some members who are returning to the church. It's been a blast! We helped this one lady with her garden and then we had hot dogs for lunch!! YUM! Service and food.. can it get any better? no. no it can't. haha

We have still been blessed with being able to see and teach a lot of people!! It's the best! And it's so fun to see the change in Sister Brimhall and myself from when we were in the MTC together! We have grown so much! Especially with how we teach together! She is so great! OH! and we will hit our 6 month marl together (tomorrow) so that is fun too! I love her!!

Funny news from this morning.. We got up at 6:30am (as always) and fell on the ground to say our morning prayers.. then a random alarm went off and we were all like "what? that is weird.. we didn't set another one.." then we got up and went into the living room to work out till 7 before getting ready for studies. typical. EXCEPT , Sister Brimhall looked at the clock.. its was 7:10! We were so confused!! Then I noticed my elbow joints were really sore and so were Sister Brimhall's ankles.. we fell asleep in our prayers!!! Then thought it was like a five minute prayer.. nope. 40 minutes. hahaha AH!!! I felt so bad haha. You better believe I prayed and said sorry. Good thing that random alarm went off!!! I think God set it haha saying hey.. I know your sleepy but you need to get up hahaha.  It was funny. I love you all so much!! Have a great week!!!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

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