Monday, 1 September 2014

Sneaky surprises


It was a good week! We have been trying to focus on the members a lot and it's been great! We are establishing a bunch of great relationships! And we are getting fed way more often haha so that is always a plus!

Me and Sister Brimhall have really been wanting to do more random acts of service for others and I love it! We leave lots of notes and treats on peoples door steps and try to just bring people some happiness into their day! We even broke into the Gateway (other ward that shares our building) Sister's apartment and put confetti on their beds that they pulled into the living room because it's colder their and left some chocolate on their pillow and put heart notes on the wall!! hahah it was so fun!! But we didn't actually break in.  We were getting them back for doing our dishes last week! They do their laundry at our place because we have a washer and dryer in our apartment and so they did that and when we got home all our dishes were clean and put away and our laundry that was on our beds was all folded!!! Those sneaky sisters. I put a not on our giant dishes pile today that said "don't even think about it" hahaha we love them so so much. They are the best!

Our new district has been working together very well! We have two new Elders with us and they are great!

Church was really great yesterday! We had so many people come! A returning member that we are working with came with her boyfriend and their kids! YAY! It was great to see them all together at church! Church really is SO important! We get to renew our covenants by taking the sacrament, feel the spirit, sing, pray, learn, serve others! I really have grown a strong testimony about church attendance since being on my mission! I never understood how important it is to attend church every week and give it your all! It blesses us so much! Oh we also sang in sacrament meeting haha Brother Ladd (ward mission leader) called us saturday night and asked if we could sing!! What did we say?! ..... OF COURSE!!! hahahaha #missionlife. So we quickly put it together and sang "Lord, I Would Follow Thee". It was good, I think haha. Then we went to a fireside! They are so good! And guess who we got to see? ..... SISTER SMITH!!!! Oh it felt good to be reunited. That is a hard part about missions! You get very close with people and then have to leave them! But seeing her made us oh so happy!! Lots of hugs and squeals hahaha.

I love you all so much!! Have a great week!

Sister Heinzlmeir

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