Monday, 29 September 2014


TRANSFER CALLS!!! Oh my.. getting transfer calls is probably the most nerve racking thing ever haha and we got them! Sister Brimhall is leaving to serve in the Winnipeg YSA ward and I am staying in the London ward and will be companions with Sister Davis. Also.. Me and Sister Davis will be the Sister Training Leaders and get to travel to Kenora (Ontario) and International falls (Minnesota) to go on exchanges with the sisters over there! As well as the sisters in the gateway ward here in Winnipeg. WHAT?! haha Oh my goodness. Neither Sister Davis or I have been an STL before. Normally you go with someone who has been one and they train you. NOPE! We will be training ourselves haha oh goodness. It's crazy. I also get to drive the car now! No more standing outside to back for the driver! yay! hahaha. But it's Winnipeg.. I am nervous about the crazy roads! At least I have my GPS haha. AH!!! It's going to be really hard to say goodbye to Sister Brimhall. I love her so much. But at least we will still see each other occasionally since she is still in the city! Goodbyes are the worst.

This week was a good one! Things are finally picking up! We found a few new people to teach through our members here and have been seeing a lot of success! YAY! Oh and I ate African food with my hands! It was crazy, so we went to go see this less-active that we have never met before and she let us in and we shared a little scripture and then she asked if we wanted food. Obviously as a missionary you NEVER turn down food. EVER. So we sat back down and she fed us this sour spongy flat bread that you rip and dip in this green okra stew with chunks of meat. The stew was good.. but I wasn't a fan of the bread. I prayed a lot eating that hahahah. But then all her friends came over and we just had a party! well sort of haha we talked and met one friend, Arek, who asked us what we did and she told us her heart was beating so fast when she saw us and she knew we were Jesus people. (Okay, I really laughed-out-loud here...Jesus people!  So funny...but accurate!  hahaha)We told her we could come to her house and teach her and her family. oh she got so excited! So we saw her a few days later! and guess what? MORE FOOD! haha but yummy this time!! deep fried meet and veggie things called samosas or something (Okay, Jenna HAS eaten samosas before!!!! and loved them then too!) . It was SO GOOD! We got all the leftovers haha. But we taught her and it was really good! She said we were family now and can come by whenever! That is the fun thing about Winnipeg. We literally teach so many different kinds of people from so many different cultures! Its great!

This week I have learned a lot about patience. It's amazing how as soon as we completely rely on God and trust Him and His timing, Everything changes. I have such a testimony on patience and diligence from these past couple weeks. Things weren't the best but I see the light at the end of the tunnel haha. I am so blessed for every opportunity I have to learn and grow!

We also got to see the women's broadcast! So good! I love President Uchtdorf so much! They talked so much about temples and the importance of our covenants and I loved every bit of it! It is just making me more excited for general conference! YAY!

I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers and support! You are the best!

Sister Heinzlmeir

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