Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Uplifting experiences!

I can't believe another transfer is already gone and we are already into a new one! AH! Saying goodbye to Sister Brimhall was the WORST!!! We cried haha I miss her a lot. She really is so special. Love her! But we had a lot of great memories and hey! Who knows, maybe we will be companions again haha we even asked President. True story. So that was sad. But Sister Davis is really great! She is a power-house! Filled with so much passion and fire! A very hard worker. So I'm excited to learn a lot from her and for us to grow together! We are all settled in (we meaning she is haha) and ready to go! We already have our exchange calender for when we want to go see our sisters. So that is exciting! ROAD TRIP! We can't wait haha.

This week flew by with Sister Brimhall saying goodbye to everyone and sister Davis saying hello and meeting everyone haha it's been crazy! I feel like a chicken with my head cut off! But it's good haha. Probably the most exciting thing happened a couple days ago, so do you remember our new African investigator? We found her a couple weeks ago and met at her friends house who is a less-active we are working with. Anyway, we were over there and she said her son has been reading the book of Mormon and loves it and wants to know about it! YAY! She has two sons that are interested. AND she said she knows the book of Mormon is true! So we set a baptismal date with her and one of the sons, since the older one wasn't there. We are so excited!!! It was amazing!! I love extending the baptismal date commitment. I love their reactions. It can be so spiritual. love it! So they are our main focus right now. It'll be really good.

Oh and I'm so proud! I'm the driver now and I haven't even crashed once! haha and we haven't gotten lost yet either! But that is mainly because my GPS saves the day all day haha love him!

AND this week was CONFERENCE!!!! I love conference so much! It was great! I loved Elder Hollands talk. He is such a powerful speaker. It's so true that we need to help the poor and needy more. And when he told us how President Monson had his slippers on in the airport because he gave his shoes away! Oh, it melted my heart. I had a lot of questions written down in my note book for conference, praying for them to be answered. And they all were! Some were vague but I take that as God telling me that I already know the answer and shouldn't worry about it haha but it was great! I received a lot of inspiration and direction!

Love you all so much!! Happy fall!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

AND...I love that Jenna remembers to send lots of pictures!!!!

 Service Project

With Sister Duplesis

 Making Spring Rolls!  Yum

 Old District together for a picture!

New companion...Sister Davis

 Awe...Shannon always takes good care of Jen!  She sent her pressies.

Companionship Goofballs.

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