Monday, 13 October 2014

Turkey and comfort...oh, that's the same thing!


This week went by fast as always haha it was a tad very stressful, just trying to figure out a lot of things, new companion, STL, craziness. haha but its going well! Are Zone Leaders are the absolute BEST and keep us laughing.

We have been seeing a lot of success the past couple weeks. We have 4 investigators being prepared for baptism so that is great! We are praying all goes smoothly and as planned until then! (....which never happens haha) But its going to be great!!! We have seen many blessings and miracles!!! Something crazy happened on Sunday haha so we were at church and just finished sitting in in gospel principles and then we get a phone call and its an investigator we stopped teaching. (she lives with her boyfriend and he is.. not good to her and he didn't like us so it just wasn't good.) So we take her call and she is crying and said her mom is dying and there's so many crazy bad things and well that's all we could understand because she was crying so much. Anyway, we hop into our car and go over. She is a mess. She just so badly wanted to be distracted and comforted so we prayed and read scriptures and sang to her. She was calm and felt the amazing gift of comfort after a blessing by the Zone leaders.

Then her boyfriend was coming in, so we grabbed our shoes and booked it out. Awkward. it was crazy. I don't even know haha but it was amazing to see someone experience that power of the priesthood and feel the energy from the holy ghost. It truly was unreal to see her face. She could feel it. It was amazing. The things you witness on a mission haha nothing better!!!

Me and sister Davis were able to do a lot of service for the boys and girls club this week! We did lots of face painting! It was so fun! I loved it! We also have been doing a lot of singing and we are singing at zone conference and stake conference (in the choir). It'll be good I hope!!!

I love you all so much! Have a happy thanksgiving!!!! So much to be grateful for!

Sister Heinzlmeir

Sister Brimhall sent Jen these gems this week...

Turkey hands project for the poor...
 Jen made a 'canning turkey'

 Some pre-Halloween fun

 They made their own turkey!  How cool is that?!

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