Monday, 20 October 2014

Zone Conference

I literally blinked and this week was gone haha
This week we really got to see what sister training leaders are all about! Haha we had exchanges with some Sisters and it was great! I went with... SISTER FELLOWS!! how funny eh?! It was weird at first to be like oh hi trainer! let me help you! haha but we had a blast! It honestly felt like we were companions again. Lots of laughs and taught great together. I hope she learned something haha it was mainly just a blast. We also got to call Cheryl (our new convert in Moose Jaw) and she was so happy! It was great talking to her again! I miss her! She calls us her daughters. It's the cutest thing. Then at the end of the phone call Cheryl was like "HEY! How are you two together right now?!" haha it was funny.

Thursday I was nervous would be hard because it was the year mark of when Mac passed away. As I'm sure everyone knows. But Sister And President Thomas called and said they loved me and checked up on me and Sister smith and Brimhall even got permission to call me! It was so great to talk with them! I love them so so much!!!

This week Elder Malm from the 70 came to our mission to do a Zone conference with us. It was soo good!!! He is so funny! I learned so much! I love conferences because we get to sit back, learn, and feel the spirit! which feels great! I get all fuel up and ready to go! We talked a lot about the importance of the spirit in our missionary work and about being diligent. I loved it! He is so smart! We also talked a lot about being unified with our companions. Sister Davis and I are working on that one. With everything, just making sure we are always on the same page and are switching off in teaching and being one. I think we teach very well together! Its fun haha. But the most exciting things was after the conference everyone was leaving but Elder Malm wanted to interview a few missionaries and I was one of them!! YAY! It was the best things ever!! We sat down, said a prayer, he asked me a few questions about the conference and about my thoughts and feelings and then about my family. Then he just looked into my eyes (or my soul i should say) and he started saying the most inspired things ever! He literally got who I am. He gave me some amazing advice and wow it was so neat! Then he asked if I had any questions. Of course I asked how he got to be so in tune with the spirit. Was it from the calling of being a general authority or did it take time and effort? He told me to just look at people and observe. Then say anything that comes to mind, without holding back the fear that it was just a thought. It was amazing. Then we also had a Missionary Leadership Counsel (for zone leaders and sister training leaders with president Thomas for more training and to talk about the mission) and Elder Malm was there for that too! So we had a great meeting and ate lunch together after! He told us so many amazing stories! He has been on 4 missions! He is so smart and funny! It was the best!!!

Sister Davis and I are working very closely with a few people, scheduled for baptism this month! They are all doing very well and we are so excited! It feels so good to see the results of hard work and diligence. I'm very excited!

I love you all so much and hope you had an amazing day! Thank you for all your love and encouragement!

Sister Heinzlmeir

 Thanksgiving with the Ladd's
 Pie with Siser Z.
 Jen and Sis. Fellows calling Cheryl
 First exchanges as a Sister Training Leader
 Little surprises from Sister Thomas
 Sisters with one of the members
 Jenna with Elder Malm and his wife.  She says ignore my bare feet...

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