Monday, 8 September 2014



Oh my.. The weather in Winnipeg is RIDICULOUS! Rainy, stormy, hot, cold, rainy, hot, AH! hahaha it is crazy. We go back and forth from every season haha I think it's spring right now!

This week was pretty good! We got a new investigator! We are teaching a little girl names Andrea! She and her siblings and cousin go with their grandparents to church every week! Her older brother and cousin are baptized and so we finally got to go over to her grandparents when she was there and started teaching her! I love love love teaching kids! They are so innocent and pure. They just accept it and have so much faith! She is adorable. We are very excited for her!

We had a few challenges this week. Which happens haha but we were feeling pretty down. The Klassen's (investigator family) aren't doing well and it breaks our hearts. We are giving them some space for a while.  But that means that we are teaching way less and have to do more work to find. Finding is not always the funnest haha however! We are doing this to show God that we trust Him and we are making time and room for Him to bless us with people who truly want to know the truth!! And he already has blessed us so much! Andrea is one for sure!!!! But anyway, so this one day was really hard and we decided that the next day we were going to be exactly exact in our obedience (which we strive for everyday.. but we took it up a notch) We were chipper and did our very very best! Then the day was awful haha no one was home and it was wet and cold. But we kept going! Because we knew if we did, God would give us our miracle!!! So the day went on. Then it was 9pm and we did our planning for the next day and after we finished we prayed and then just sat there. Pretty tired. THEN.. we got a phone call from a sister in the mission (our ward shares a building so we see her a lot) and she had a referral for us!! She has a friend who lived with someone for a year while he was up there working and was from Winnipeg!! They went to church together every week! He is back in Winnipeg now and him and his wife are in our area! So she gave us their information and written testimonies from their friends in Germany! A MIRACLE!!!! We have tried to see them but they haven't been home! But we will soon!!! It was so exciting!! And it taught us a huge lesson. When we are diligent and obedient, God will never fail us. He might wait till the last second! But he always keeps His promises! I love being a missionary and serving the Lord! It can be crazy and stressful at times but oh the joy it brings!!!! This work is so important and I am so happy I am a part of it!!! Love you all so much!!!

Sister Heinzlmeir
Kids draw us pictures and it melts my heart haha look at the spelling of my name. priceless. haha

 We have a member who feeds us and when she does.. she makes enough to feed an army hahaha it's just us and her! then she gives us every last scrap of the leftovers (which is always a ton) and it keeps us full for a week hahaha she is a saint

 went to a members farm with the Ladd's (members) and helped harvest!!! we got to take some home! We love food hahah

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