Monday, 22 September 2014

Fun farm reunion


So, our recent convert, Kate Gross, is the best. I love her so much haha. She got called to be the Activity day girls leader? Or whatever that is called hahah. Which is perfect for her! She is SO creative and loves party planing! And her daughter is in that age group so she is there! We went to the first one of this year on Wednesday. It was great! We loved it.

We have been able to find more people to teach which is great! We got an investigator turned over to us from the St James ward Sisters. She is very friendly and open! We are excited to work with her. And one of the young women has a friend that we are meeting with this coming week! We are so excited! Member referrals are the best! Reminds me of when me and Shannon first sat down with the missionaries. Now i'm on the other side of that! It's crazy haha We are very excited!

We have been able to do a lot of service with the boys and girls club! It's a blast. We helped out at a BBQ! It was great! Me and Sister Brimhall were in charge of BINGO haha It was fun. We got free food and hot chocolate and we could never turn that down haha

The best part of the week was probably last night! Every third Sunday, Kate Gross' family and all the extended family have a big family dinner and there's singing and people playing the guitar and food out at a huge farm! This was our second time going. It's the best! And best of all... SISTER SMITH WAS THERE!!!! haha They have relatives in the Ward Sister Smith is serving at so they came too! YAY! We are always thrilled to see her. Needless to say we hugged for ever hahaha group hug! People make fun of how much we three love each other haha It was wonderful!

This week has been a learning one for sure! Many great things but many lessons in process of learning haha missions are a time to refine us! It can be hard, but I know that through Christ we can do anything and as we continue to follow Him, we will see the blessings more and more!

Love you all so much! Have a great week!

Sister Heinzlmeir

 our zone leaders are the best. left us a treat on our doorstep with a lovely note! half a pumpkin cheesecake one of there investigators made them haha sharing is caring right? 

 giant quash from a members farm! you better believe we will be eating quash for days!

curled one of the young women's (Hailey) hair for picture day haha cute!

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