Monday, 15 September 2014

She loves Garmin.

This week went by fast! like it always does haha. A couple exciting things happened! One was we had exchanges with the sister training leaders! Sister Bennett and Haner are our STL's and they are great! I went with Sister Haner and Sister Brimhall went with Sister Bennett. Sister Haner is a very hard working missionary. I always learn a lot from our Sisters. I was nervous for exchanges because Winnipeg is a crazy city and well.. if you know me you know that I am NOT good with directions or knowing where ANYTHING is. BUT! Good thing I pulled out my good friend Garmin (GPS mom and dad got me before i left) He made it way less stressful!! haha. Oh how I love technology. You seriously don't even understand how stressed I was about getting lost and missing our appointments haha oh Garmin. He is a great thing hahaha it was perfect! So with that taken care of, the exchange went great haha.

We also had a ward BBQ this weekend and it went great! Our Elders put together a "Tree of life" game where they had a string going around the church and outside that thhey had to hold on too while blind folded and get to the tree with candy at the end. The rest of us missionaries and parents were tempters, trying to get them to let go. I got a little boy to let go.. then felt too bad so I brought him back haha he was so cute. So that was fun! And the food tasted great!! Lots of the people we are working with were able to come! which made us very happy! haha

This week we have been focusing a lot of our time on finding. So we went through a bunch of former investigator files and tried to find them! We found this one lady named Peggy. She is 90 something and the cutest. She opened the door and let us in without even asking who we were. She started rambling on about who knows what, as if she already knew us. I then introduced myself and she looked at me puzzled. She had no idea it was that long since missionaries came to visit her. She thought we were the same ones as before haha no Peggy. It's been a few years. So we chatted and ate cookies haha She is cute.

Another great thing was on Sunday, we were at church and greeting people as they came in and met this lady named Ivy. She didn't want to go all the way over to her church so she came to ours because it is close to her home. She said she hopes she likes it so she can come back. We assured her that we did too haha she had a great time at church and we were able to get her phone number before she left. We will call this week and go see her hopefully! It was exciting.

I love Sister Brimhall. I honestly can't say enough good things about her. She is truly a special person that i am very blessed to know! I LOVE being companions with her. It was weird at first when Sister Smith left because we had to re-figure out how to work with each other without an extra person but we got it down and it's been great. She has SO much faith! It is so remarkable. I learn so much from her and she puts up with my craziness haha she is the best. I know we will always be great friends.

I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Sister Heinzlmeir

 Pumpkin Spiced Hot Chocolate

 Splits with the Sister Training Leaders

 Hold ON!

 Getting creative at lunch...or don't want to make dirty dishes?

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