Monday, 14 July 2014

Setting the Standard!

Hey everyone!

Things have been really great for me, sister Brimhall and sister Smith! We were able to teach a lot this past week! It's the best! We have been meeting a bunch of new people! Super exciting! We play soccer with our whole zone a couple mornings per week at 5:30am. So on days when we don't have it, we get to sleep in! till 6:30! hahaha I thought I wouldn't get used to getting up so early but I definitely have gotten used to it! Which is good haha!

This weekend we actually had a ward talent show. It was a blast! And of course we signed up! We wrote new lyrics to "Hallelujah" and made it a missionary song and Sister Brimhall played the guitar and everything. It turned our really good! Considering we wrote it that morning hahaha. Our ward mission leader wants to film us and put it on YouTube hahaha so look out! The sislets (sister triplets.. nick name from our ward haha) coming your way!!

We have been doing service at the Boys and Girls club here in Winnipeg every Thursday for the whole summer and it has been fun! We get to play with the kids and do fun things. But It scared me a little! I didn't realize how the generations really are getting worse and worse! Some kids said some really terrible things to their friends when we passed by and oh my! It's crazy!

Something we have been noticing a lot in missionary work is how important obedience really is. We strive to be exactly obedient and we are then able to witness amazing miracles! The family we are teaching is definitely a miracle I often think of. They are so prepared! It's amazing! We have the privilege of teaching them almost everyday. They are the best. I love them! Also, we have a baptism coming up this week! She is the best! She has been an investigator for a while and has been solid since way before we continued her teaching haha I love her and her family so much. It'll be a beautiful day!!

That is about all! I can't really remember what happened this week haha some weeks go by too fast! I don't even know what we did! hahaha. Oh! We got a brand new car! that was nice hahahah. President likes to spoil us hahaha. Well, here goes another great week!! I love you all!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

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