Wednesday, 12 August 2015

This is a week out of order...but here it is!

Hello everyone!!!

well.. this week was an adventure hahaha. I have a new appreciation for walking missionaries. This week was the end of the month. With mission cars we have an allotment of how many k's we can drive for the month. we didn't have a lot of kilometers this month so we ran out and were left with our feet to get us to our lessons. it was crazy!! we cover all of saskatoon and literally walked the whole city! 6 hours straight! over 25 k's! Man it hurt so bad!!! the last stretch we were laughing so hard. probably to stop us from crying hahahah. it was long. but we had some great miracles the Lord blessed us with as we tried to show our obedience in walking and not going over our k allotment!! We met a girl who was sitting on a bench and he was visiting from Australia! she also has read the whole book of mormon!!! we had a great conversation!!!! then we kept trucking a long and we past this house (in the dangerous zone of stoon) and there was a nice man. after we got to our lesson and they weren't home, sister Sherksnas suggested we go back  to that one house with the nice man. sure! why not! so we went and I was a little nervous since there were people across t he street yelling and swearing. But I trusted my companion and we knocked. No one was home but then a car drove up and parked. A lady looked at us very confused. We asked her is it was her house and she said yes with much hesitation. We told her our purpose and she jumped for joy! she exclaimed that that is exactly what she needs! she needed Jesus! so we followed her to the backyard and began to teach. She is amazing. She is struggling with hard addictions and suffers from many diseases. She was so humble and meek, She knew she had to change and was so willing to do it. We told her about baptism and how she can start over and be clean from all sin. She cried and was filled with joy and said how a warmed feeling filled her body. that is the spirit. How beautiful? In a place where there is crime and sin, there are those who are still searching for safety and refuge. I am so thankful we get to teach this lady and help her. We get to show her the way to a new life. that is what the gospel does. Brings joy and a fresh start. It's hard to get people who have everything they could ever need or want see how they need the joy the gospel brings. The gospel is for everyone. The sick, poor, afflicted, rich, handsome, comfortable, happy, sad. We are all God's children and all need the saving ordinances from the gospel and to use the atonement of jesus Christ. I love being a missionary. It fills me with so much joy seeing people understand the amazing gift we have on the earth. 

also.. i have either tendenosis or a stress fracter?  it started last monday and the treck we took didnt help haha im not a cripple missionary on crutches and not allowed to use my foot. maybe people will open the door more to us now? who would say no too a poor tiny tim? 

Love you all so much! have a great week!

Sister heinzlmeir 

Tendonitis it is!

after 6 hours of walking!

my sunburn from our walking adventures

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