Tuesday, 11 August 2015

I feel like every week that goes by, the less I remember of what even happened hahaha. But ill try my best!!

We went to Prince Albert this week to go on exchanges with sister Reyes and sister Veylupek. I always love going to see the sisters. We had lots of fun. At the end of the exchange we met up at the church and it was poring!! it was getting late, we were about to drive back home but sister Veylupek and Reyes were still talking and finishing up the exchange. so sister reyes and i turn the music in our car up a little, opened the car door so we could hear it outside and danced! hahah. it was fun. don't worry, no one was around to witness. PA is a small little town. We just did a little slow dance haha it was probably the best part of my week. 

I upgraded from crutches to just a boot!! And I still hate it haha. It is not fun. I got a xray and no sign of a stress fracture so its looking more like tendenosis apparently. Not fun. But the assistants did give us more k's so thats always good haha.

Things have been a little crazy. I don't think i could ever get used to being in 3 wards. it's nuts!! But we are doing what we can!!! We had a fun picnic with the meadow green ward on saturday. oh and we set a baptismal date for the 29th with a 13 year old girl we just started teaching!!! prayers for her would be great!!!! I love you all so much and am thankful everyday for the love and support. Hope you all have a great week and enjoy the sun like we have been!!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

my companion is better then yours hahah #yogateacher #skills

waiting patiently to prank the elders hahah.. we think we are funny

The Godhead!!! all in unity and working together!! #donttrythisathome 

PA elders :) 

driving back to stoon!! wet, cold, and happy! #icecream 

Dancing in the rain!

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