Saturday, 1 August 2015

Wow I am so happy. This week has been absolutely amazing. Mainly because i got to go through the temple with Kate and Jared Gross!! AH!!! Everyone there where all from Winnipeg or moose jaw! All the people I love in one room! Me and kate hugged for a solid ten minutes haha. I have missed that family. It was amazing. A member, who i love, drove us down and back up to Saskatoon. So much fun! she is preparing to go on a mission! It was the best night ever. But after the temple and pictures of course.. it was a little past curfew haha so we hurried to the Regina sisters apartment and well.. they were obedient and asleep with the lights of and the door locked. so they got a nice wake up from the door bell. and we rushed them back to bed as we slept on the couches. So ill fill you in on something that has been with me my whole mission. When I first came out on my mission I had a few hard times with missing my brother Mac. It had been only a few months after he passed away. But God has given me a special connection with him. whenever I missed him or anything, all of a sudden the song "the river flows in you" would play. That song is what Lewis played on the piano at Mac's funeral. It would play in someones car or someone would be in the church playing it on the piano or at a members house for dinner. It happens all the time. And it is my sign from Mac that he is with me. He has been with me my whole mission. Any way, we were driving back from the temple. I was so happy and filled with the spirit and with great joy then all of a sudden the song came on in the members car! Wow. it took my breath away. I am so blessed. I know that God watches over us and is so happy when we are happy and I know that Mac was able to be with me as i experienced one of the greatest moments of my life. It was beyond amazing.

Things have been really great up here. I love my companion so much. She is incredible. I truly am so blessed! I know this next week will be a great one. How can it not be when you are on the errand of the Lord? We learn and grow every day and see others do the same. I hope everyone has a great week as well! 

Sister Heinzlmeir 

Regina here we come!

the temple with Kate and Jared Gross!! 


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