Monday, 19 May 2014

Everything happens for a reason!

What a week!
The Elders in our district had a baptism! YAY! It was so good! It pretty much made my day. We also had a super neat experience this week! So me and Sister Fellows were going to visit a member and have a lesson but she called and canceled. We had a whole hour to kill until our dinner appt. So we were looking at our back-up (the beauty of planning every hour of every day and a back up for EVERYTHING!) but then sister Fellows remembered we had some plans late in the week and wanted me to call to confirm. So I called and our dear friend was in tears! She was having an awful, awful day and so I said we could come over and be there for her.  She agreed, so off we went! Turns out she was praying and praying for the lord to send her someone to help her, then ta-dah! we called! and had a free hour! how amazing! just goes to show that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and God is always there and guiding us.  It was so good.

So, funny story, we have sports night at the gym in the church every Saturday night and members come and all. Its a blast.  This week we played dodge ball. It was fun! Until Elder Certain and someone got in a collision. Elder Certain's knee... poor young man's face = gushing knee and missing tooth. Ya! That's right! Elder Certain knocked out his tooth!!! The whole tooth popped out! it was pretty intense. The assistants were up for exchanges with the zone leaders (Elder Certain and McRitchie) and so they were there too hahaha oh it was scary but hilarious.

Transfer calls are this week! ah! I'm so nervous! They normally split trainers and trainees after training so something is going down!! It's intense haha I am done training in a week! A WEEK! what?! I feel like i just started! there's so much to learn! But I definitely have grown so much. I am so happy and blessed! Missionary work is the best! Honestly I have had such a great week. I feel so happy. Thank you everyone for the support and love!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

 this dog is HUGE!!! i needed a picture haha he is pretty much a bear.

 she loves me ... ;)
me and sister fellows are both expecting nephews within the next few months! why not get them matching saskatchewan shirts?!!?

 we were a tad crazy one night and decided to do our daily planning in the dark

 beautiful moose jaw!

sometimes .. if you are nice the the sister missionaries.. they bring everyone slurpies ;)

 haha poor robin. thats what happens when you play dodge ball with elder certain

making homeade sushi at the wolfs! (member) so fun! love that family!

we played soccer this morning .. and it was pouring rain!!!! it was so fun!!!! but i got soaked!

my lovely stuffie from my wonderful bestie and lil bro! love it!

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