Monday, 12 May 2014

Mother's Day is the best day ever...


Wow! What a week! There are truly blessings that come from diligence! That's what I learned this week! Things have been pretty slow for me and sister Fellows and it was a little discouraging. Not many lessons. no new investigators. It was hard. BUT, we kept pushing and kept doing all we could and VOILA! We were blessed! We had more lessons this last week than we ever have! We have a few new investigators and are so excited to work with them! Missionary work can be draining. You put all your energy and soul into it. But the best cure... is missionary work! Anytime we get tired or discouraged, we take a breath, and keep going. Then the Lord gives us tender mercies such as a kind person who is willing to talk to us, a referral from a member, a chance to do an act of service, or even just have our minds at peace knowing we are doing our best. Those tender mercies give us the boost we need to get excited and go to work! It's amazing. I LOVE being a missionary.

I think the highlight of the week would have to be... MOTHERS DAY!! church was great and the lesson was super powerful, we got chocolate, flowers, and best of all... FAMILY SKYPE TIME!! It was the best! Saying goodbye was hard. But I'm just so happy I got to talk to everyone! Sister Larson (member) let us go to her house to skype and she then fed us dinner and we just all hung out. It was so great! I love my family. They are the BEST!!!

Also, i'm done my training in a couple weeks! AH! I'm nervous to be done! There's still so much to know and to learn! But i'm excited! Almost at 3 months in the field! Where does the time go?! I know everyone always says the time speeds up the longer you're out.. but i didn't really believe them! until now! Definitely have to make every day and every moment count! I love you all so much! Have a great week!!!


Sister Heinzlmeir

So once a transfer we have a Zone Training Meeting. where the whole zone gets together for training. since the zone leaders are here in moose jaw, we got to just stay in moose jaw and everyone came here haha. the elders were talking about the meeting and said something about a tie trade at the end. so all the elders in our zone (20 ish) brought all their ties and were making trades! me and sister fellows felt a little left out. being the only sisters in the zone. so we drew our own ties and tried to trade them ahhaha we even put tags on the back with the brand name. and the price tag. mine was a million dollar trump! oh yeah! i gave it away for free though ahaha lucky Elder Dillon!

Jen says "we should be models..."  lol

They made this collage for Sis. Larson who is the Mission Mom in Moose Jaw...and I'm so thankful for her taking care of my girl for me! 

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