Monday, 15 December 2014

Good-bye London area! Hello Dalhousie!

Well.. here it is! we got our transfer calls! And just like everyone expected, I am leaving the London ward and going to the Dalhousie ward. It's still in Winnipeg, just a different zone. I will still be a Sister Training Leader and my new companion is Sister McCrea. I've served near her before so I'm pretty familiar with who she is which is nice. She is currently serving with Sister Smith! Sister Smith is going to Regina and Sister Brimhall is staying in YSA and training! Yay! I knew she would train. She is so good. It's hard saying goodbye to sister smith. We won't see her around anymore since she wont be in Winnipeg. its the worst! But I feel really good about it all. And the YSA sisters are in my stewardship, so I get to go on exchanges with sister Brimhall! YAY! I love those sisters. I'll miss sister Davis a lot. Transfers are tomorrow and I haven't even started packing! I have been in this ward for 7 months. it's my home! change is hard haha but it'll be good for me.

All of our members have been the best this week, making my favorite food, giving us gifts, pretty much having Christmas early haha. The Gross family even bought us stockings! Filled with inside jokes and treats! it was the best!!! Oh i love them. But good news is when they get sealed as a family all the sister missionaries that taught Kate get to come! salt lake in the fall, here we go! I'm so excited for them. Such an amazing family.

Oh and we had our Christmas zone conference! It was the best!  We just talked about Christ and listened to beautiful music performances! I even sang my one line solo without peeing my pants!. well.. skirt. haha. It was so much fun to see everyone. The conference lasted the whole day! training and music and food of course! There was a little Christmas tree with all of our Christmas packages under it and we got to watch "Meet the Mormons" so cute! AND we got Canada Winnipeg Mission tee-shirts! It seriously was the best. We get so spoiled.

I'm very thankful for the time I had in this area. I had many hard times and many fun times too! So many memories and good friendships made here! I will sure miss it but I am excited to see what my next adventure is like! Off to Dalhousie I go!

Sister Heinzlmeir

new CWM shirts! with my bestie Elder Certain! (who will soon be in my district again in dalhousie! yay!)

Christmas zone conference selfie!

president and sister Thomas! love them!

At christmas zone conference we got tree ornaments! its the tripan! guess which one brimmers is? hahah #gingerpower

Christmas with friends!

momma fellows! they billeted with us for Christmas zone conference! she goes home in 7 weeks.. crazy!!!!!

the ward missionaries on Santa's lap! so many of us hahaha

saying goodbye to grandma Gross! she gave me wise words and advice on marriage haha oh i love her. 92 and kicking!

saying goodbye to kim! a returning member we work with! She is so great!

Maggie! Another lovely friend in the London Ward. I'll miss her baked goodies haha

guitar signed by taylor swift! i pretended like i knew how to play it haha the Heieie's have all sorts of signed prizes!

They are the ones who took us out to get our hair done and spoil us so much hahaha #monoclelife

the Heieie Family

The Butt family!!

Early Christmas at Kate's! Love the Gross Family SO MUCH!

haha you always need some nutella!

the Gross family :) I blend in haha

last picture as a group! off to different places we go! :( (this was at a stake christmas concert)

looks so cute!! too bad im leaving :( boo. one less stocking on the wall. #missionlife i should probably pack soon... i leave tomorrow morning.. hehehe

saying goodbye to Ryan Heieie at work! a teeth LAB! we helped out a bit and got rewarded with booster juice and shooping money! YAY! hahahah he spoils us.

field trip in the lab! hahaha its sad what amuses us these days.

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