Monday, 22 December 2014

New stuff.

Welcome to the Dalhousie ward!!

It was inevitable haha but alas it came, and I got transferred. I truly miss the London ward a lot. I did a lot of growing in that area and had many hard and amazing times. Makes it feel like I'm leaving my home. But I think that is a good thing. I tried to give that area everything I had and that is why it's hard to leave. So now I am in the process of making this area my new home and giving it all of me! Luckily I know sister Davis will take care of everything there so I feel confident leaving. Knowing it is time and the Lord now needs me here! I have met many wonderful people here! There is an investigator named Courtney. She is 15 and watched a video blog of a Mormon family then went on and asked to have missionaries come see her! She is amazing. Comes to church and young women's activities every week! She has a baptismal date in April. Her mom isn't interested but allows her to make this choice for herself. She is the cutest! I'm so blessed that I get to now work with her!! There are some other great families we are teaching here and it's very exciting. The ward also seems very great! We get fed a lot and so that is always a bonus haha. Oh and in our apartment.. we have our OWN bathrooms!! WOOHOO!!! sharing a bedroom and a bathroom can be a little much sometimes. I must say, as much as I love my companions, having my own mirror and shower is quite the luxury hahaha.

Sister McCrea is really great too! She is from Red Deer Alberta! Actually, in our district we have us, then an elder from Calgary, an elder from Raymond then the two Americans from California and Utah. Albertans are taking over the mission!! hahaha, Its fun. Sister McCrea only has this one transfer before she goes home. 7 weeks. It's crazy! So I know for sure next transfer I'm getting a new companion. Which is a very weird feeling! We get along great. She is very funny and laid back. Goes with the flow a lot which I enjoy haha. It's a little hard because she only had the short transfer (4 ish week) to learn the area and so she doesn't know a whole bunch. Which is very understanding! But makes the work a little harder. we just are winging it together haha learning the ward and people. Kind of starting fresh together which is actually pretty fun sometimes. We get to look at the work with fresh eyes and make all the changes we want. It's going to be a good transfer. I just hope I know everything before she leaves and its my turn to bring someone in! oh my hahahah. Mission life!!

This week as a district we have been trying to show as many people as we can the video "He is the Gift" it's been going really great! We have been going caroling together and giving people cards with the link on the back! Some people are very receptive and its so cute, they call the kids and family members and gather at the door to listen to us sing. We even got fed cookies! yum! and some people even tried to pay us hahah! don't worry, we didn't take it!! But I must say, there are some grumpy people out there who do not like carolers! we got a few slammed doors and people shaking their heads haha oh well. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL!!! I love this time of year. I have seen so many acts of kindness and tender hearts. It makes me so happy!

Now for my challenge to you! President Thomas is challenging every single missionary in our mission to read the book of Mormon by the new year. That is pretty close to a week. A WEEK! I know it seems crazy but it is so do-able! He wants us to start the year strong and powerful. What better way? I am so excited for this challenge and I am challenging EVERYONE! Friends and family! member or not! To read the book of Mormon by the new year. I promise you that you will feel the spirit so strong and it will burn in your heart. I know that the book of Mormon is true and when we read Gods words to us we gain so much light and knowledge! If you complete this challenge like I am hoping to as well, email or write me a letter about how it went and your experience with it! Lets do this!!!

Merry Christmas!! love you all so much!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

Gatz family! bye!

czerri, oh how I love her! she is one of our investigators in London. saying goodbye to her was hard. ill for sure see her again though!

elder pestridge is off to moose jaw! it was a fun 7 months of serving near each other! god friend. take care of hose people pesto!

driving with the new comp!

Courtney, sister McCrea and ME!

look who is in my district again! ELDER CERTAIN!! only my bestest best friend ever! he is a big brother to me. so glad to see his face again!!

selfie Sunday!!!!
saying goodbye to the ladd fam jam!!!

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