Thursday, 20 February 2014

First Email home! So exciting!

SO, i dont know if this is your email but it might be! we were given ten mins to tell our parents we are here and safe so IM HERE! AND SAFE! WOW i love love love it here mom! honestly ive never been around so many members and i love it! let everyone know i say hi! and i love them! holy man i understand why taylors emails sucked at first! i dont even know what to say because theres SO MUCH!! but monday is my p-day and ill give you a nice email haha i wrote stuff in my journal to remember to tell you haha. Oh and my companion is awesome! sister clarke! shes from australia and going to new zealand! We get along great! well have to run! class time! (so many classes.. but they are fun and the teachers are great and so funny) LOVE YOU MOMMA!!!!! Know that i am safe and happy! so so happy! my heart has so much peace here and i am doing great! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!


Sister Heinzlmeir

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