Monday, 24 February 2014

First Preperation Day report! Yay!

Hey Hey Everyone!

My first P-Day as a missionary!
Wow this week has been filled with so many feelings and events! I can't even remember what happened! It feels like I have been here for a month but a day at the same time! ..If that even makes sense. It does in my mind haha. My companion is sister Clarke from Perth Australia! She's going to New Zealand and all my roomies and Elders in our district are going to Winnipeg with me! I have three roomies, sister Clarke, sister Brimhall and sister Fihaki. We all get along so well! We work hard but play hard too haha. I'm glad they will be going to the same mission as me! We fly out to Winnipeg on March 5th! I'll get to make a call home which is nice! Man i miss everyone! But honestly i'm having a blast. It's definitely a huge change from life back home. Our schedule is very strict and it's classes on classes on studying on teaching on devotionals on classes! Its a lot of work! But i LOVE it!!! The teachers are soo awesome! and the classes are all so helpful and interesting! Me and Sister Clarke work great together as companions! We are currently teaching two investigators (who are really just our teachers role playing). It feels so real tough! They really get into character and if you truly work hard and put everything into teaching them and wanting them to know the truth the gospel brings, it can truly be an amazing experience. After our first lesson with Chris (brother Moore), he step out side the room with us to give feedback and said it was the best first lesson he's ever had working at the MTC. So that felt good! I'm so glad we were able to teach with the spirit and let him know we love him and the Lord loves him! It was amazing. I may have shed a tear or two afterwords... yes.. I'm THAT Sister haha. All in all the MTC is great. Food is actually pretty good too! And im learning and growing so much. more then i expected. Me and Sister Clarke are actually called as Sister Training Leaders for when the new Sisters arrive Tuesday/Wednesday! I'm so happy to serve them and help them know the ropes! It'll be lots of fun!! I feel truly blessed to be here. The spirit is always so strong and i feel truly happy. I'm so glad i have sister Clarke as a companion too! She is 21 and has a degree in performing arts! She worked at a bridal shop and sewed dresses! She is so smart and caring! She helps me so much. And knows her way around the MTC haha sooo I pretty much just follow her hahaha. I love being here. It's hard work, and can be physically and mentally draining, but I wouldn't be anywhere else. This is where im meant to be. I love being a missionary! Thanks for all the support and love you all give me! It makes me stronger and for that, i am so blessed.

Lots of love

Sister Heinzlmeir

Here she is!  So proud of you Sister H.

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