Monday, 3 March 2014

Now this is a play-by-play report from the MTC!

The difference between the boys and the girls...VOLUME, DETAILS and PICS!!!  That's my girl.  ;)

Hey everyone!

Wow.. Two weeks. It went by so fast!... but i guess thats what everyone says haha and its TRUE!! This week was great! Me, sister clarke, sister brimhall and sister fihaki sang in the choir for the tuesday night devotional! It was so fun! there are some talented people here at the MTC! holy man! The devotional was very good too! its was about having christlike attributes. Pretty much just laid down the law haha we all went back to residence (our room) and basically we were on a spiritual/motivational high. We all made goals and have been helping each other try to be better! I love these Sisters! We have actually made plans for the summer in 2016 to get together haha im blessed to have been able to go through this experience with them! They make it all the better!

I love love love being a missionary. And i actually like the role playing lessons with our teachers! It was weird at first but if you really try to make it real, you can have such spiritual experiences! We have been teaching 4 investigators! (two are teachers and two are real investigators who just volunteer at the MTC). Its been great! We taught this one lady and the first lesson.. oh my.. it was a gong show hahaa she just had so many questions and we tried to answer them all! lesson learned... DONT try to answer the questions all at once.. follow the lessons plan order hahaha restoration first!!!! unless otherwise prompted!!! seriously it was so funny though haha there was many sister wives questions and weed questions. We just laughed with her and joked around. Next lesson went WAY better though ahah it was actually great. The spirit was so strong and i loved it. We talk about that lesson often ahah and just laugh. We were all over the place. But better now right? crash and burn here so we can learn faster haha.

OH! and the new sister arrived last week! Me and Sister Clarke showed them around and gave them cookies! We also posted noted their door and wrote little notes for motivation! haha That's what our sister Missionary Leaders did for us and it worked on us so we gave it a try! It worked! They are all so sweet and excited! I love it! I feel like i've been here for so long but really.. i've only been here a week longer then them haahah

We also had a "In-Field-Orientation" last friday. It was so fun! they put so much effort into making it fun and exciting! since it was ALL DAY LONG! but i enjoyed it!! and learned a lot!! made me so excited to get going and leave the MTC!! Me, Sister Brimhall and Sister Fihaki are making a goal to talk to people in the ariport! since we are all traveling together! along with our three Elders. I can't wait!! It'll be so much fun! I love being a missionary! (i think i said that already.. but i can't help it! its so exciting!)

All in all, the week was great! I learned so much and am getting extremely excited! This is where im meant to be. i couldnt be happier. I already feel myself growing and changing so much but in all good ways (i hope) haha. I just want o be a better person and spread the gospel! The church is true my friends! the church is true!


Sister Heinzlmeir

With Sister Lybert from Edmonton.  She knew Mac.  Small world.

 Okay...she found this on the board one morning...some cheeky Elder needs to focus on his TASK!  Not Jenna!  Her caption was:  aca awkward!


 Just dealing with their 'staches.  lol

P-day laundry and email time!  At least she's excited about laundry too!

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