Monday, 17 March 2014

I can just hear her when I read's so awesome!

Hey everyone!

This week has been so busy! Which is very very good! President Thomas is so great! He shared something with us new missionaries that I just love! he said that this mission is a high trust mission. Simply because the boundaries are HUGE! He explained how other missions, the president can visit everyone whenever he wants and call for mission meetings and get in contact quickly to make sure everyone is being obedient. But he can't do that here. There are some areas that are 16 hour bus rides away! So, we were called to this mission for many reasons, but one of those reasons is because we are honest, obedient, and trustworthy. I loved that. Made me have so much comfort knowing I am trustworthy enough to be called here.

There are many new things in the mission field that are not at the MTC. Like buying groceries! oh i love it! it's so exciting! mainly because it's my first time being away from home and i feel so grown up haha. And street contacting or tracting... oh my.. i hate it hahaha people aren't always as friendly as they look. You never know what you're getting yourself into! But it's pretty exciting actually haha oh.. and the lame rule about backing up the car! Sister Fellows is the driver and i have the phone. and every time she has to back up, I get to go outside in the snowy slush and guide her. The one rule I wish i could change! haha but that's alright. One day I'll be the driver and my companion will be the one getting her shoes all wet and icky haha

This week we taught so many people! New converts, less actives and investigators! It's been great! Since I'm still new and being trained, I have to do certain things to complete the training. One of those things was leading the restoration lesson and inviting someone to be baptized! I was not excited to hear that's what my assignment was haha but i did it! and the investigator said he would think about baptism! BOOM! love it! haha.

I love Moose Jaw! the members are the BEST! we have meals almost every day during the week! and the missionaries serving here with me are so great! Elder Frenkel (German) is teaching me how to speak German! It's so hard haha but i love it! I know so many sentences! WOOHOO! And Elder Certain is hilarious! Our alarm clock is actually a recording on our phone of him singing a song he made up haha about waking up at 6:30 in the morning and praying and such haha it cracks me up every time. which helps my grumpy morning mood haha. Oh and PS, our mission will soon be getting FACEBOOK! YAY! I'm SO excited! i can add friends and family on my missionary account but i can't talk to anyone unless it's gospel related and helping my purpose as a missionary! But it's so exciting! We have been so busy with service too! It's been wonderful! I love serving and talking to the people we meet while we serve! I love love love serving a mission. It's hard but worth it. I'm very blessed to be serving in the Canada Winnipeg mission and looking forward to whats still to come! The journey has just begun! I love you all and am thankful for the love and support!


Sister Heinzlmeir

ps...Jen is asking for people to write more 'letters' than emails as she is getting more than 20 emails per week and can't possibly reply to all of them.  She loves you all, but not enough time.  So if you'd like to write, here is the address:

Sis. Jenna Heinzlmeir
845 Shaftesbury Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB
R3P 0M5

 Last night at the MTC.  She misses these girls so much!!

 Transfer 'train' to Moose Jaw!

 He companion and trainer, Sis. Fellows

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